2pm: 01:59pm Album Download!!!

okayyy okayyy. you got me. i download songs on the internet. haha. that’s only because i live in a different country and i don’t like those foreign sites to buy the album. but hey, if your not into that stuff- good for you- but you can take a sneak peek at the album before you buy it to see if it’s any good. well, then again it’s 2pm, of course it’s going to be good, with or without Jae. oh my gosh, i can’t even believe i just said that. and if you don’t already know me (which you don’t), i am a huuuuuuuge Park Jaebeom fan. My dog Jasper’s middle name is Jae after him. Weirrrrd~ yeah i know, but that’s how much i love him ❤ wait hold up. this isn’t about Jae- it’s about 1:59pm- DUH. haha. i’m not going to put up every song, but you can download each song individually at this site: Check MissReification ‘s Youtube channel for each song.  later on, after i get a good listen to each song, i’ll probably do an album review. but since this afternoon i’ve been listening to this and it’s so good! the remixes are amazing, and i am usually not into remixes. so yeahhh. by the way, like my banner? hehe, i’ve been waiting to get a good WooMandoo picture. (: but he’s lost weight since debut so his cheeks are not that plump anymore ):

sorry bout the rant! hehe. (currently listening to Back2U) ❤


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