2pm: Heartbeat MV

hahahah! i’ll be the first person to post about this ❤

not feeling the concept. but diggin’ the song. wtf is with Junho and Khun’s hair. though i must admit, Khun can pull it off. Taek’s hair color change…i can dig it. (: Chansung’s rap in the beginning- HOTTT. Wooyoung- HOTTT-period. omg, Woo gets adlibbing! he does a flip or whatever! the chest pound at the end.  now that’s what i am talking bout~

i know what you’re thinking, “WTF? she’s happy?” yes! yeah, totally Jae is amazing and i cry every time i listen to his singing, but that’s not the point. 2pm is coming back, and moving on. i don’t about you but i would want to see them on that stage with or without Jae. and Jae doesn’t want us to be upset with 2pm or JYP. & that’s why. i don’t want him to feel burdened and come back when he’s not ready. He WILL comeback. i have no doubt about that. until then i will completely and utterly support what’s left of 2pm!

and heck yes to Wooyoung getting some recognition! he’s got some serious talent that JYP never let him show. can he replace Jae? no. can i say ‘i’m happy’ yes. yes, i am. i’m loving this song and dance. The chest pounding, zombie acting, funny running, and cheer leading. 2pm is back. Jae will be. let’s be happy!

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