Lee Seung Gi is diagnosed with Swine Flu

why am i posting so much lately?

well anyways! OMG. not Seunggi. wahhhh! who else are the pigs going to take away!? they took Jonghyun (oh god, you did not want to hear my outrage on that), Onew, Jokwon, Jiwoon, K.Will, and the one who got it first; Hyunjoong! Really? Realllllly?  if he misses one day of Strong Heart, i’m a bust a cap in someone’s ars. haha. not really. i’m not crazy over him like that. Maybe Jonghyun or Jaebeom. haha, kidding. but just saying, when is this pig season going to stop? sigh. the world may never know.

i’m just praying that other SHINee members, 2pm, anyone on Strong Heart, and for heaven’s sake Yoseob and AJ of b2st don’t get it. just sayin’. Who would yall like to not get it? Who would you want to get it?


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