SNSD: 1st Solo Concert!

omfg! no wayyyyy! YES! SNSD-Girls’ Generation-is having their first solo concert! i was just looking on allkpop (boy do i love that place) and this was up! i honestly thought i lost conscious! but i couldn’t tell since i was passed out. hehe. BUT; i regained consciousness when i read that it was only A S I A. dang. i was entirely the most depressed person ever when i could not attend the Wonder Girls Concert. but hey, i have a great reason not to go: its on the fricking other side of the planet! well, sorry bout that. haha, i get carried away writing about kpop (: i just had to put my 2 cents in~

who’s excited? who can go?

yeah, lucky son of  a beaches, i see you grinning.


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