My first official post ❤

Nominee list & who i voted for for:

Newcomer (Male)– BEAST, Supreme Team, MBLAQ, ChungRim, TaeGoon-  B2st

Newcomer (Female) – 2NE1, After School, T-ara, 4Minute, F(X)- sooo hard, song wise- 2ne1, my favorite girls are in- 4min, f(x) has been catching my attention, i ADORE After School, TTL is my favorite song… Didn’t vote to be honest.

Male singer – Drunken Tiger, Rain, Lee Seung Chul, G-Dragon, MC Mong- G-Dragon

Female singer – Bada, Baek Ji Young, Son DamBi, YounHa, ChaeYeon- Son Dambi

Male Group – 2PM, Big Bang, Super Junior, SG Wannabe, SS501- SHINee based on this year, but 2pm, duh

Female Group – Davichi, Brown Eyed Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jewelry, KARA- SNSD! but they won’t be attending.

Mixed Group – Roo’Ra, 8eight, Koyote, Cool, Clazziquai- Clazziquai

Rock Music Award – BuHwal (생각이나), Seo Taiji (Juliet), Jang GiHa and the Faces (Living with no special things), Cherry Filter (Pianissimo), FT Island (I Hope)- FT Island

Hip hop group award – Dynamic Duo (Dead Guy), Drunken Tiger (Monster), LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자), Outsider (Alone), Epik High (Wannabe)- tie between LeeSsand & Epik High: i didn’t vote.

Ballad/R&B music award – Kim Jong Kook (Today More Than Yesterday), Kim TaeWoo (Love Rain), Bobby Kim (Love, the guy), Park Hyo Shin (After Love), Baek Ji Young (Like Being Hit)- Kim Tae Woo

Dance music award – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care), 2PM (Again & Again), So Nyeo Shi Dae (Gee), Super Junior (Sorry), KARA (Honey)- ugh.  SNSD vs. 2pm… 2pm

House& Electronic music award – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra), Son DamBi (Saturday Night), Clazziquai (Love Again), 4Minute (Muzik), G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)- BEG

Trot Music Award – Gyeon Miri (Happy Woman), Park Hyun Bin (Brilliant Life), Seong JinYoo (딱이야), Joo HyunMi and SeoHyun (JjaRaJaJjan), Hong JinYeong (Love’s Battery)- Joo Hyunmi and SNSD’s Seobaby ❤

O.S.T Award – Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS), Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this – Blue Love Story), T-Max (Paradize – Boys Over Flowers), Tiffany (I’m Along – JaMyungGo), SS501 (Because I’m Stupid – Boys Over Flowers)- SS501

Best MV – 2NE1 (Fire), LeeSsang (헤어지지 못하는 여자, 떠나가지 못하는 남자), Bada (Mad), Seo Taiji (Juliet), D.N.G (Step 2 Me)– LeeSSang, it was purely based on MV. if it wasn’t Fire then.

MV Director – Seo HyunSeung, Jang JaeHyuk, Jo SooHyun, Joo HeeSeon, Hong WonKi Didn’t Vote

    • sumandoo
    • November 20th, 2009

    Sorry if you don’t agree! please state your opinion in a comment! no bashes though…

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