Wonder Girls Member Profile Page

is completed! Whooo~

my first one done! i’m such a procrastinator, i hate it! but, to make up for it, added their their ‘hit’ MV’s and performances of those songs. starting out with Irony (i got the debut performance), to Tell Me (i got one where they all sound great), to So Hot (got the hot dance break one, where Sunye is- i’ll leave for you to judge (; ), and to finish up with- Nobody! (the performance was amazing!) i will add other MVs later both official and un-official (UO) ones.

Up-coming: Wishing on a Star, Take It (UO), This Fool(UO), This Time, and others.

So! Move your mouse right on over to the left side of the screen and click away!

Give some love to the Wonder Girls and support them even while they’re in the states ❤

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