SNSD: Happy Birthday To Kwon Yuri (권유리)

it’s the B I G  2-0! or 21, if you go by lame-face Korean age, haha, kidding. but yes or little sexy yet dorky Yul is all grown up and never to be called a teenager.

back when i first discovered the love of my life known as SNSD, Yuri was definitely number two (Sooyoung was and always will be 1) for her preppy quirkiness on the show Unstoppable Marriage. But outside that, she was known as the sexy tomboy who can surely dance. her small waist accented her big hips to amaze many men, and make them fall for her (Kim Tae Woo, Lee Seung-gi, Minho of SHINee).  Yuri was known as to be one of the many girls in SNSD who were underrated and did not receive many lines. But after their hit, “Tell Me Your Wish”, Yuri got the attention she deserve- all because of her ‘hacky-sack-dance’. Now she is co-host along with partner in crime, Tiffany on Music Core and is on the reality show Invincible Youth.  this girl is fighting for number 1!


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