2pm: Jaebeom’s 100th Day Since Leaving

ugh. i honestly did not want to write  about this topic for the fear of tearing-up, but since this is pretty big news, i’m going to go through it.

100 days. ONE HUNDRED. to me it feels like a year. there hasn’t been a day where i haven’t thought about Park Jaebeom. i know it’s a bit weird, but he was an idol to me. inspiration more like. (it’s not i’m going to write a  letter to him in my blood like some crazy fangirls). i wanted to be apart of JYPE once, and my goal was to be the ‘female Jay’. i took many dance lessons, i got my singing coached, and tried to be more out-going. Jay was the ruler of all those obviously. i remember that fateful day 100 days ago. first day of a new year at school for me. i went on allkpop to check it right before i left for class, and there i saw ‘Jaebeom quits 2pm’. i felt my heart dropped. and after reading the post, i balled. and so i went to class with a swollen face. every day after that, i prayed hoping-not only for his return-but for him to just be safe and become happy once again. nooooo! i didn’t want to blabber about him again…. i hate this topic, i will stop now, haha.

but now that it’s been 100 days, how much more do we have to wait?

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