Girls’ Generation (SNSD): Jazz & Rock Ver. of Gee

so my favorite person EVER just uploaded a video, and i absolutely love it ❤

it is SNSD singing the jazz/rock versions of  their the 2009 hit, Gee.

they once performed this on Chocolate with all members, but in this they performed on (one of my favorite music shows) Music Travel Lalala with only Tiffany, Jessica, Taeyeon, Seohyun, annndd (my favorite) Sunny!

eek! i adore this so much! Sunny’s high notes- OMG- they are so nice! Fany’s voice is so powerful and definitely sticks out~ and when Jessica pushes her voice, wow, for those moments she becomes my favorite! hehe. During the rock version, Sunny and Fany didn’t disappoint either! they were the only ones who changed up their tone to match the music, which i’m thankful for. it’s weird hearing the normal ‘Gee’ tone with rock. not to be a hater or anything, but Taeyeon did not put up a satisfying performance as usual, she kinda put me down. She usually gives me chills… but dang, Sica rocked this, every since i heard her sing ‘Kiss Me’ she’s got me hooked on her voice!

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