Su’s Top 2009 Songs/MVs

i thought i might as well get this post done since January is on its way out the door!

My Top five Most Played:

  1. Gee-SNSD with 274 plays! (it’s also the #1 most played song on my ipod too!)
  2. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)-SNSD with 262 plays (keke, i seem so Soshi biased!)
  3. AH!- After School with 171 plays (ooh~ rookie made it!)
  4. Lollipop- Big Bang and 2ne1 with 140 plays
  5. Abracadabra- Brown Eyed Girls with 123 plays

My Top 10 Picks (my ultimate favorites of this year, despite how many plays)

  1. Gee- SNSD (betcha didn’t see that coming!)
  2. Again & Again- 2pm
  3. Ring Ding Dong-  SHINee
  4. Abracadabra- Brown Eyed Girls
  5. It’s You- Super Junior
  6. What A Girl Wants- 4minute
  7. My Ear’s Candy- Baek Ji Young
  8. Love Rain- Kim Tae Woo
  9. On A Saturday Night- Son Dambi
  10. Because of You- After School

My Top 5 MVs

  1. A Boy- G-Dragon
  2. Butterfly-  G-Dragon
  3. Girl Who Can’t Break Up/ Boy Who Won’t Leave- LeeSsang
  4. Love Rain- Kim TaeWoo
  5. Chocolate Love- SNSD

Rookie Songs

  • Male: Bad Girl- BEAST
  • Female: Lachata- f(x)

Rookie MVs

  • Male: Am I Easy- U-Kiss ( i considered them rookies because of the new member keke)
  • Because of You- After School

Congrats to the winners!!! haha ❤

    • Barbie
    • April 1st, 2011

    Thats only your opinion my dear, but if me no.1 to 5 of course will be 2ne1 and dbsk!! Ha..ha..ha..

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