Newest Obsession: Dongho of U-Kiss

well, i’m starting this new corner called ‘Newest Obsession’ for the people who *BAM*- caught my eye and now i can’t stop thinking about them. feel free to write about them and/or talk about your newest obsession!

my last ‘newest’ one was probably Yoseob of BEAST, but now i got another lil cutie-pie in my sight- U-kiss’s maknae, Dongho!!!!

i never paid much attention to U-Kiss, except i really love Am I That Easy? but there was one guy who caught my eye even though he got three 2sec parts. i stilll didn’t give him much thought either. but there’s been a show which is my new replacement for Hello Baby and Wild Bunny, and that is Idol Maknae Rebellion, which that special guy from U-Kiss just happen to be on. and boy, did i fall for this youngster. Dongho has got to have the cutest eye-smile since Taeyang. speaking of Taeyang, he’s got  his sights out on IU  (another obsession of mine) which means he’s got good taste. haha. i guess after Yoseob, i have a this thing for aegyo boys.

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