Wonder Girls: sunmi’s temporary leave

i wanna cryyyy ):

Sunmi of the top female k-group, Wonder Girls, decides to postpone her career in order to focus on her academics.

Now i just wanna know, why in the heeeck did she drop out in the first place, if she still wanted to focus on school?!

Sunmi-ah, i respect your decision, but this ain’t cool gurrrll. If i wanted to be a singer (or anything in particular) i would put my WHOLE heart into it, no going back. iff you wanted it so badly, why are you leaving? i know this is temporary, but i’m kinda pissed and depressed. where the heck is my MiSo going to be? on opposite sides of the world. *sigh*

that’s not all, they’re replacing (eh, i hate that word) her with ‘Chinese Wonder Girls’ member, Lim. okay…i liked Lim best out of their group, but she is definitely no Sunmi. fer sure.

Sunmi, you will be dearly missed, come back safe and smart , okay!?

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