hehe, stayed up for this one (; (OMG Sooyoung’s the freeze frame- YES!)

i knew it. i knew i was going to hate the song, but i soon as i saw the mv, i would love it. haha. it’s so Gee ❤ and i’m so proud of myself, i guessed all the girls lines right!!!! i love Sooyoung’s and Fany’s lines most (maybe cause i’m biased?) haha. i think Sunny pulled this look off best- 2:32-2:35!! Sica and Yuri are the best cheerleaders though. gahh, i’m so in love with this, i’m shocked. my favorite song by them is Into The New World but for some reason this song might top it. who knows?!

Who do you think pulls the concept off best? Who doesn’t? Is this song a major hit or a major no? will this win right on their comeback stage? or will 2am swipe it, and Ga-in will give Jokwon a hug?

So much to think of. right know, i’ll just think about Sooyoung ❤ Oh!

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