2am Profile Page Finished!

ah, i’m so happy i finally got this one done. 2am is the ONLY ballad group i like. i can’t find myself to like slow songs, but i’ll make an exception to them any day. Confessions Of A Friend is my jam! i listen to it alll the time. but sadly in reality and in my heart they are over-shadowed by their hoobaes, 2pm. but finally now they are REALLY making a name for themselves. today they one their first mutizen on Inkigayo (; omo, i almost cried when i saw Jokwon burst into tears. yeah SNSD is my main love, but i was happier than ever when i saw their name appear on the screen!!!! well-deserved. I won’t let you go is the shi…best song out now (: keke.

  1. Wow!Jo Kwon is older than I thought

    • SuJuLOVE
    • June 9th, 2010

    I love that picture! OMO… how cute.

  2. i love 2 am so much…every song their sang feel very harmony…2AM FIGHTING!!I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORTING YOU!!!!

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