i’m taking a short break, and i mean it by short. i’m so sorry to you all who are asking requests and such! i’m very grateful that finally people are noticing my site, and i’d do anything to keep those people visiting Sumandu. but i’m very sleep-deprived, so i’m constantly missing school. so yes, i am failing quite a few classes because i’m too consumed with the kpop world. professors are getting mad, and i was supposed to stay after class and take a test, but i went home instead because i honestly didn’t want to do it. haha. so sorry once again! i’ll try to be back soon as possible~ the next profile i’ll be doing is SS501, so anticipate it! keep the comments coming, i’ll be able to check on that.

Thanks for the love! keep it going!

Sujung 수정 , Sumandu- the Kpop Guru

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