BEAST (B2ST): Shock MV

oh my sweet baby Jesus!

after a week of crying and being depressed, finally something that brings my hope up!

so this is the new MV, and i’m totally diggin’ it. the shaking screens, the dark colors, and the added fire!! whoo~ i’m burning up! i must say i like ALL their new changes. except maybe Dongwoon, his hair is too dark. eh. but i actually dig Junhyung most in this concept. his hair is like Jang Geun-suk esque from his Baby & I or Beethoven Virus times. And his raps- ohmygod. yumm. but hey, we all know the guy i’m REALLY looking at~ Yoseob! maybe he’s trading in his cute look for a bad-boy one. haha, Dongho already tried it and he’s still incredibly cute. but god, his transformation is amazing! his voice sounds heavenly too! i also think Doojoon and Kikwang have the best lines. haha. LOVE IT! do you?

    • meray
    • March 9th, 2010

    I KNOW.
    YO SEOB<33333333333 IS MINE(:
    hahahaa, he looks sooo HOTo__o
    i love their new look, and i agree dongwoon's hair is like bowl-ish cute, and JET BLACKK.

    • SHU…
    • March 16th, 2010


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