Happy Birthday Kim Taeyeon!

it’s Taengoo’s 21 (or 22 in Korean age) birthday!

time to write some cute story for my Taen ❤

this girl NEVER once caught my eye. yeah, she was pretty. yeah, she had a great voice. but knowing me, i always went for the ones in the background instead of seeing the one that was actually in the front. but it was during Gee promotions, and that song was currently the jjang. haha. and around that same time, i was a watcher of a show called We Got Married, only seeing the parts with Kagin and actress, Lee Yoojin (loooved them~) and when i see a preview that Taeyeon was going to be on the show. so i put two and two together; i love WGM + i was a semi-SNSD fan= watch the show. and when i watched her and that comedian (whom i have no idea’s name is), i saw why everyone loved or envied her. she was utterly a DORK. she’s laugh at the most unnecessary things, and always making jokes. i became a fan of this kid-leader. and when Genie promotions came. Taeyeon, was my female crush. haha. she was GORGEOUS in every way. but whats my favorite thing bout her? not her singing. not her personality. it’s the cute lil dimple she has next to her chin. keke. sigh. i wished she had those long locks again~  hehe. but thats my short story of how i came to love this adorable girl who is actually older than me!

have a great one Taeyeon!

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