Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun!!

yay, it’s my baby(well 2nd to Jay)’s birthday (: i stayed up JUST of for this post~ haha, what an obsessive fan i am.

Bling Bling turns 20 today!!! that’s huuuugeeee in my opinion. haha. *sigh* our age is really close but not close enough. (:

i wasn’t planing on writing a whole lot since he’s one of my absolute favorites- #3 on my top biases to be exact- but this guy deserves a paragraph or somefin, after all he IS my very first kpop idol crush.

okay sooooo. i was into kpop a lot- only a serious fan until 2007 (WG!)- and i only listened to a few groups. but then in 2008 i heard SME was putting out a boy group full of younger guys. it made me happy well cuz, Suju and DBSK just wweren’t my come of tea *shocking*. i didn’t do any research on them though, afraid that i was just going to be disappointed. but then !new MV! and then i fell in love. that song-Replay-got me hooked within the first 5 seconds. that beat made my heart jump for joy. and the first that sang made me swoon. a smile lit up on my face and honestly i said this- “that one! yeah that one is niiiiice” (i can’t believe i still remember that). and we all know who that was. JONGHYUN! haha. i honestly only liked SHINee for him. the other members couldv’e used a makeover. (; but then on the debut live performance- OHMYGOD. i really fell for him. his voice was candy to my ears! it was perfect. he was perfect. he IS perfect. like honestly no guy can top him…except Jay…and i feel like i compare every guy i meet to him. ‘eh, that dudes cute…not as cute as Jonghyun’. haha, it still goes that way. i mean, i find him a bit *cough* cocky and stubborn and fake *cough* but i can’t help to just fall for him even harder. his smile lights up my world (:

btw. all Shinee slow songs are my lullabies. ie. One for Me, Please Don’t Go, Romantic, Graze, YOU, Hit Me, and Last Gift ❤

so that’s my story of the guy i was overly obsessed with before Jay (: (& wow this one is LONG)

wish him a good one (:

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