Run Devil Run!

okay, so this is irrelevant to everything- except that its SNSD and kpop. BUT since i don’t have ANY friends that listen to kpop, i wanna share this with someone (:

okay, so today,  i got my Run Devil Run Repackaged Album!!!! i was going to buy OH! but then RDR came  out, and i was like “i must get that album!” so its kind of a big deal since that this is my FIRST kpop merchandise. and i am very happy its SNSD ❤ but what i was most nervous about was, who’s poster would i get (every album  came with a member’s picture) i was reallllly hoping for Sooyoung or Sunny, but then i got FANY FANY TIFFANY’s! and honestly i wasn’t disappointed, her picture is stunning. but there are folds on the poster, and one part of the poster is chipping because of it, and its right on her face ): nonetheless, i’m the happiest person around.

    • sunjanho
    • April 13th, 2010

    i bought tat album b4, and i get sunny poster…
    and i get sunny signcard too in oh album…

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