SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert- Shangai

SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert are juz end at yesterday(17/4/10),
this is their 2nd stop for their 1st concert and next stop will be in Bangkok , Thailand on (24/7/10).
Compare with the 1st stop concert which juz end on 19 and 20 December 2009 and ‘Encore’ show on 27 and 28 December 2009, they sing almost all the same song and solo show,
but during this time, Yuri are Solo show with ‘1,2 step’ and feat with Minho(ShiNee),Jessica replace ‘One Year Later’ feat with Onew(ShiNee) with Barbie Girl during the solo show, and singing their 2nd album new song ‘Forever’.
but , F(x) and Super Junior are not attend this concert as last two concert show, and juz oni ShiNee are attend their concert..
Finally, this concert was end with Celebrating Jessica 22nd Birthday, this is a very good memory for Jessica,
next stop, SNSD will going to Bangkok, Thailand, hope you all can enjoy this concert…

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