Happy Birthday Jessica Jung!!!

all hail the ice princess who turns the magical number of twenty one (;

and here’s the story of how i came to love this cold one;

once upon a time, there was group called So Nyuh Shi Dae, and this one girl absolutely adored them. she loved just about every girl in the group, but there were still a couple that never seemed to pop out, despite being lead vocals and having a lot of screen time. the girl soon grew to love all of them, except one. the girl had long brown hair, had a pretty & pleasant voice, was a good dancer, but never won over the girl. then one year a song of theirs came out called Gee, and the girl fell in love with the song, and was a bigger fan of the group than ever before, she decided to become a dedicated Sone, despite not loving one of the girls. and as the girl searched on and on about the girls, and fangirling over every appearance on the tv, she saw the group was going to have a new show called Horror Factory. the girl hated scary things but decided to pull through since the group would appear on it. the show went on but an episode caught the girl’s eye. the one whom the girl didnt like was paired with one of her favorites, Tiffany to go to a haunted classroom. as they went down the stairs of the school, a man popped out and scared them. one said a blunt ‘ohmygod’, and the girl couldn’t control her laughter, she literally almost died. after that moment, the girl kept an eye on this surprisingly funny member named JESSICA! when the group later came out with a song called Tell Me You Wish, Jessica jumped onto the girl’s favorites list of members, hitting number four. and she continues to be there with all her disinterestedness.and we lived happily ever after.

i REALLY love Jessica, you all don’t understand. to be almost hated then jumping to being on the favorites list, yeah thats huge. if love the way she looks, her voice, her dancing, and especially her personality. i honestly think we are twins- cross out the blond hair and absolutely perfect face- because we act so much alike. i may seem bubbly  on here, but in reality,  i’m blunt, sarcastic, and fall asleep everywhere. haha. i love her so much~ so much, if i wasn’t going to be married to Jay, it would ONLY be her (: (btw i am NOT a JongSica shipper, do not want.) dang, even Jonghyun and Sooyoung didn’t get a post this long. haha, love ya Sica ❤

wishing you all the best, Sujung~

    • sunjanho
    • April 19th, 2010

    i understand u… it juz like me love sunny so much too…

    • Lani
    • September 15th, 2010

    GorJess Spazzers FTW! All hail the Ice Princess

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