I lost all my collection!!

A bad news for me..
Today , i am doing my school project in my friend house with my friend pc,
after i done my project, and try to save in the same pendrive which have all my K-pop collection…
But, after i save it, i juz noe tat my friend pc got virus,
and finaly, the hole pendrive get virus.
I have to format it for continuse use my pendrive,
tat mean, the project tat i prepare for almost one month have to delete it in one minute,
and my k-pop collection tat i collect almost half year oso have to delete in one minute…
it is really big bad news for me, Especially my k-pop collection..incide tat got pic, mv, song and so on,is hard to find back..
i can do my project again, but is hard to find back all my k-pop collection…
now my brain is empty, i cant think anythink and can not make any decision.
wat i want to tell is, check b4 u using other ppl com, and make sure u have ur 2nd copy for all ur think…

    • sumandoo
    • April 19th, 2010

    oh my god! that’s so horrible!

    • sunjanho
    • April 20th, 2010

    ya… till now i still don noe what should do…

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