SNSD TaeYeon will leave ChinChin radio

bad new again…
as u all know, SNSD TaeYeon is a DJ on ChinChin radio b4 this,
seriously, i haven listen even once time of the program tat DJ-ing by TaeYeon,
but i view some live show about snsd b4, and taeYeon is really have a good voice and she is good in MC-ing, we can view it on other video website, it is very sad for the ppl on korea, because they will lost a good MC on their radio chanel…
however, taeyeon are MC-ing her last radio show and be last day dj on chinchin radio today, and IU, tat youngh korean girl will taking Taeyeon part in chinchin show,after Taeyeon are leaving…
and taeyeon are looking sad on chinchin and almost cry ..
she still are litter girl, tat juz 22 years old, she oso feel sad to leave the working place tat she has been work more thn 3 years…
now, on korea, Tayeon last dj show is start now(KST 8pm to 10 pm), and almost finish, i am sure many ppl will feel sad after her last show end.
BTW, this is the true, and taeyeon is really will stop being dj after today,
lest wish her good luck on her future, and good luck for new dj on chinchin radio–IU..

taeyeon fighting!!

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