Jaebeom’s Birthday

*clears throat* well, this is an interesting topic. Park Jaebeom, ex-leadja of 2pm turns 23~ and i feel uncomfortable talking about him now. hehe. especially since a birthday post,i’ll say how i came to love him… hope i don’t cry.

in the kpop world, i was only interested in four things; the Wonder Girls, Seungri, SHINee, and Choi Sooyoung. but WG started to promote what was going to be the ‘other half’ of 2am. (i was a semi-fan of them. i watched Hot Blood, and i was disappointed when they debuted as a ballad group.) so i was somewhat excited. and when they debuted-WOW. i loved ’em. everytime someone said ‘what time is it?’ i was literally programmed to say ‘it’s 2 pee emm’. haha. but as i watched the mv on repeat, my favorites developed and long forgotten my list of Hot Blood boys (it was 1.Nichkhun 2. Seulong 3. Doojoon 4. JAEBEOM). i fell in love with one with a spikey doo (i love short hair) and chubby cheeks- Wooyoung ❤ honestly, i thought the other members had nuthin on him. okay, except Khun. but i never gave the other ones a second look. okay, maybe i gave Junho’s behind another glance. but that’s not the point. Wooyoung was in my heart, and no one topped it. he was my number one (out of the group, Jonghyun was my main bias at the time) and then BAM! new single comes out- Only You~ and it automatically became my #1 kpop jam (& still is) and as i got to know the group more, favorites started to change. and i one moment in the song, i swear my heart stopped. near the ending (starting about 3:08 on the mp3) , Junsu sings the chorus and this lil boy with now short hair (ooohh yesss) and adlibs, and on the performances, he puts a lil sexy face and starts groovin. yupp. i fell for the dude HARD! and we all know who it is JAEBEOM <33333 and ever since that,Wooyoung was #3. haha, well not anymore even. but Jay will continue to be #1 foreverrrr. until i get married. haha, but if i marry Jay, different ballgame my friends. (:

i tried to keep this as light hearted as possible. i’m tired of being a drama-queen over this dude i will never meet. i can still dream though. if only i lived in Seattle and four years older. or if only i was Jessica. that’d be nice too. keke.

i have that picture on my wall. haha.

Jay, finally my prayers have been working, you finally seem like you’re happy again. and that’s all i’ve ever asked for.

I love you! and smile more!

you can call new moon cuz i orbit around ya, Sujung ❤

  1. I know your pain.. Fighting!!!

    spikey doo.. hehe soo cute!!

    loved the post^^

    Theresa 🙂

    • Lani
    • September 15th, 2010

    He’s my favorite too. So sad that he left. I still think he’ll be back though. Jay Hwaiting!
    (I totally LOL’ed at the paragraph above his photo and the very last sentence of your post.) You said you were trying to keep it as light-hearted as possible and, well for me atleast, you succeeded.

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