from 0 to 1000

5 Agus of 2007 , a girls group that can conquest the whole world are deput,these girls are come out with diffrent backgroud,diffrent type of people, and diffrent aim,but, they have one faith, is have an unforgeted memory with each other.

one of them are so small and cute, but have to be a leader for the girl,

one of them are come from San Francisco, look like cool but actually are very funny,

one of them are short but cute, and always cheer up for the others,

one of them are come from USA-LA that cant say Korean accurate, but she try her best to improve her mother tongue,

one of them are actually not cute but like dance alot, she also try her best to join the group,

one of them are very playful, but she getting bigger pretty year by year after she join the group,

one of them are ferocious and the other member are scale about her, but actually she is very care bout the other member,

one of them are like a guy , but she is the most playful in the group,

one of them are the most clever in the group, but she is the youngest. 

they are come out with ‘Into the new world’, that mean they are have a new life after they deput,it is same with they are prepare and going to the new life with the other 8 sisters,

after that, they are hot in CF and all the music show, they deput are very succes, making all the korean are crazy for them.

but, during 2008, the girls are suddenly disappear, no any news or song about them, all the fans are missing them so much and worry about them.

when the time that fans almost wanna forgot them , they come back again with new look, and new song ‘Gee’, fans’s feeling are same with the song title that the girls are singing when the girls come back.

this is the diffrent come back as usual, the girls not just wanna conquest the whole korean , but the whole asia..

the song ‘ Gee ‘ are the song that not just only make the girls popular, but making their fans are crazy for them.

when the fans still fascinated on their cute song ‘Gee ‘, the come out again with the sexy concept song ‘ Tell me your wish ‘, it make all the fans fascinated again to them with the sexy dance.

not juz only that, the girls are continue show themself with take part in drama, OST song, duet with other singer, become MC in popular music show, and having their 1st asia concert in asia.

when all the girls turn to 20 years old, they come back again new song ‘ OH!’, a song that show love to the guy that they like,

but ther are 20 now, so cannot still be cute anymore, so they come with the new concerpt again in black.

they are succes in black, all the fans are like their black.

and today , 30 april 2010, the girls are together 1000 days, in this 1000 days, they sharing their happy,sad and all the feeling, and their aim are reach, now the whole asia are full of ther song, fans and video.

in this importhan time, the girls have something to say,

the small and cute :t’s already been 1000 days since SNSD and S♥NEs have been together! Wow~~ congrats^^
It hasn’t been a short time, I’m so happy and touched to spend these times with S♥NEs.
These times were very touching.
I also think that after 1000 days of debuting, it’s like a new start^^
Thinking of the times we will be spending together…we will be working together and making decisions together~…
Since there’s still a lot of time left, let’s keep having strength♥
My loving S♥NEs!! And my girls!!
We are the world’s truth~!!! Hwaitaeng! Keke

the one come from San Francisco:Wow~^^ Thanks to our S♥NEs, SNSD is already at 1000 days of debut!
Thank you so much for always being by our side and being our reliable happy virus ♡
You know that you’re always in our hearts, right?
I hope we can continue to be like that in the future~
I’m not sure what to say…I’m not good at expressing myself……
Hehe whatever…! I love you^^


the short and cute: To my people who have been with us for 1000 days…
My heart is so thankful to the point where I can’t express myself in words.
I thank you so much and I love you so much♥
We have so much time ahead of us…
We won’t be lazy and we’ll repay everything you’ve done for us….
Let’s continue to love each other more passionately…and more deeply!!
SNSD and S♥NE are one♥



the one now oready can say korean: “I will never step down easily from the spot I worked hard to get up to!”
1000 days…until forever…and…until “we” are at our last…
I will pray that we will be able to reach the top that is so hard to achieve.
happy thousand S♥NE~ I love you (xoxo♥)

the one not cute but like dance alot: t’s been 1000 days since SNSD and S♥NEs have met~!!
Wow~~ “1000”…it’s so fascinating~~!! Congratulations~~!! Hehehe^^
Thanks to S♥NEs, SNSD has been able to put on amazing performances~!!
When I think about the many performances we did with S♥NEs, those memories are unforgettable ones for me~~~
It was so difficult that I didn’t want to practice, and when I really just didn’t want to do anything..!!…
I think of the S♥NEs with their pink balloons and cheering for us~~
Just thinking of that brings me energy and makes me work as hard as I can~!!^^!!
Hehe…S♥NEs are the best!! Kya~~!!
S♥NEs and SNSD cannot exist without each other! You guys are that precious..! ……Right~!? Hehe
S♥NEs and my 8 girls! 2000 days, 3000 days…let’s be together forever~!
I love you~~!!!!! Hehe..


 the playful: To my loving S♥NEs♥
It’s already been 1000 days since we’ve made many memories together…
It’s been 3 years since our fans and our members have come running without rest…
During that time, I’ve cried tears of happiness from the happy memories we shared,
We should have been tired of all the hard times, but thank you so much for overcoming those times with us..♥ Really..^^…
Forever..SNSD! ^^

the one making other scale :Hello. This is SNSD’s tomboy princess, Sooyoung~^^! Hehe, so nice to see you!
(This is like a minihompy where there are so many chances to meet with the fans..but sadly, because there wasn’t enough time, I wasn’t able to say hello on the Internet.ㅠㅠ)
Is everyone doing good? Our S♥NEs?
Seeing all of you coming to our live performances with such energy and strength doesn’t worry me^^
It’s already been 1000 days since SNSD debuted~!!!!…
(I hear Lee Seunghwan’s voice somewhere…during 1000 days~~♪)
You’ve probably heard this many times already, but the amount of love that S♥NEs give us…
I’m trying hard not to think that it’s something obvious hehe
Humans have to be familiar with the environment they live in..keke
When you continue to give us unconditional love, it feels familiar..
I won’t forget those Into The New World days
I will continue to do my best in the right place in my life..
S♥NEs!! Please continue to love me~^^ Hehe
I’m always thankful! I love you! ^3^

the one look like guy: S♡NEs!! Have you been doing well?^^
It’s already been 1000 days since we’ve met! I think time goes by so fast~
During that time, there’s been sad times and good times, but thank you for always being with us.
Let’s continue to be together forever just like this~^^
The fanchants I hear on stage are really +_+ S♥NEs are the best! Keke…
Let’s continue to be together for a long time~^^
Don’t cheat on us~? If you do, I’ll hate S♥NEs~? Kekeke

the youngest: You guys have such a presence as giving 9 unknown seeds water
Before a flower called SNSD blossomed, our precious S♥NEs have been together with us for 1000 days..!!
I, Seohyun, am really happy. And thank you so much~!
We are still lacking a lot of things and we still don’t know much
But because of the unconditional love and support that S♥NEs give us…
The happy times and the hard times have become very precious memories~!
SNSD and S♥NEs are each other’s strength!!
Let’s continue to make more memories together~!
We will continue to be S♥NEs’ humble and hardworking SNSD~!
Thank you..♥

this is what they say in their own blog, and today, they will end to promote all of their ‘OH! and Run Devil Run’ promotion. 

we can see that all the girls are growing day by day, and tired  to show the best to all their fans, seen today is the last day of their new song, so that they can rest more to show other best to ther fans.

as a fans of them, or called sone, i am happy that can have thier 1000 days annual,

i not know them start from 0, but i will follow them untill 9999999999999999999999…

this is the 1st post that i post as long as this,i know that this post is not good,but i still hope that i can say what i want to say,

hope them will happy forever,

Right now SNSD, tomorrow SNSD, forever SNSD…

bless you , SNSD..

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