New Profile

In this few week , i prepared to make few profile that requests from oher.

1. U-kiss

2. Mblaq

3. FT Island

4. CN Blue

but some of that are not so complete coz i can find that information, for example: I cant find the MV for Mblaq,FT Island and U-kiss. Beside that, in CN Blue profile, SeungHyun information are not so complete. But i am try to find that information to complete all of that.. Sorry bout that.

Beside that, i make 2 more profile that not one of the requests ,

1. K.Will

2. Davichi

K.will is a male singer on Korea that i like most, him sound are very nice and can change to other tone easily. The song that i like most for K.will is ‘A girls , meet love’ that duet with Tiffany from SNSD, and ‘Miss, Miss and Miss’ in him new album.

Davichi is a girls group under ent, same company with T-ara, this group are just debut by two diffrent girls…

hope u all accept this two new artist, and try to listen their song, is very nice…

    • soshisunny
    • May 10th, 2010

    how did you make your profile???

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