Secret Profile Page Finished

so, i am REALLY sorry! i said i was going to post this page up last month, but i had it ready and everything, but i just forgot to post it. hehehe. sorry again (: and sorry about how vague this page is, Secret, as you all may  know, is very underrated, so facts about them are not out there, so i found very little of them and i couldn’t even find Zinger’s real name. crazy, right? i guess this group remains true to their name, haha.

so i hope you’ll take a look at the page and support Secret ❤ a little funfact about me is that Secret is the only group  for me to ever join their respective fancafe the week they debuted. so while everyone was saying, “Secret who?” , i was being a dedicated fan, i adore Hyosung, she’s one of my many biases(:  haha~

Secret tiiiiime!

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