SunKyu, Happy Birthday!!

Yeah! My Lover Sunny (SunKyu) are finally 22 years old(count in  Korea) now!!

All of my friend noe i am very happy today, because the girl i most like are going celebrate her 22 years old birthday today, but all my friend dun noe why i like this girl so much. Well, i will tell u all now, why i like Sunny so much…

On day, i meet with my old friend , and he just Suggest a song ‘Gee’ from SNSD to me. That song are nice to listen and the girl voice are nice, thus, i find out the song MV ,  and i found that SNSD is a Korea biggest group, form in 9 girls. After i see that MV, i Immediacy like one of that girl, but not sunny.. the girl that i most like 1st in SNSD is TaeYeon, the kid leader. After that, i find all the SNSD song , and i found another song call ‘Into The New World’, and i change my most like girl form Taeyeon to Tiffany, becouse of the smile of Tiffany. On this time, i still dun noe have a girl call Sunny in that group. I found that i start love the group so much, and i find out all the bio-data and pic of these girls ,so that i can understant them more. after a few try, i collect all the information of this girls group. when they song ‘tell me your wish’ are come out, Sunny are change alot in this song,and i start list sunny in my 2nd fav girl, the 1st still is tiffany. after that, my friend suggest me to see a show call IY, SNSD yuri and sunny are take part on this show. after i watch that show, Sunny are become my 1st fav girl in SNSD. Sunny is the only girl singer that not like girl, she can catch chicken with free hand, and she is damn strong, in hello baby, the way she take care of her ‘son’ , Kyungshan , are show that she very like a mother. I am scared that when SNSD come out with new song, i will change my fav girl again, but seen their few new song, Oh! and Run Devil Run are come out, but i still like sunny . Now , sunny are the girl that i most like and it wont be change forever.

Sunny are ever thing for me, i dun noe how to tell u all the feeling of me to sunny. All my friend say that i like Sunny because of her cute face and good body line, but they dun  noe the main reason that i like Sunny is because of the personality, Sunny special personality. I cant stop thinking of her every day, but i am not abnormal , i just Admire to Sunny..

Today is Sunny 22 years old birthday, wish her have a good life, stay healthy and pretty, the most important is can be cute forever..^^

    • daniel hargh
    • May 14th, 2010

    happy birthday my aegyo queen !!!!!!!!cutest!!!!

    • sumandoo
    • May 14th, 2010

    haha! i was going to do a Sunny post, but i was thinking ‘janho is probably going to do it’, and i was right!
    you’re such a Sunny lover!

    Happy birthday Sunny! you always brighten my day with your aegyo ❤

    • sunjanho
    • May 14th, 2010

    Haha, i really wish to write a Sunny post, coz i really like Sunny…^^ and thx to help me post the pic…
    Happy birthday Sunny!

  1. happy birthday sunny bunny noona
    wish you all the best and still cute with your aegyo
    jesus bless you

    right now it’s snsd
    it’s snsd from now
    it’ll be snsd forever
    fighting !

    danshin danshin yayaya

    • into the new world 9
    • May 16th, 2010

    Thats how i knew snsd too >.<

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