Happy Birthday YoonA!!

Happy Birthday to SNSD Charm Girl, YoonA..

Well, i am writing a birthday post for YoonA after my lover Sunny birthday, 1st of all, YoonA is my 7th fav. girl in SNSD, not because i dislike YoonA, is because i more like the girl b4 her, haha…

Erm… about YoonA, i have nothing to say, because i less care bout her(i more care bout Sunny), the only two think that i can say is family outing s2 and my friend who like YoonA so much…

Family outing s2 is the 1st YoonA show that i have see, because YoonA are less take part on any TV show. In family outing, YoonA are show her charm face , and the way she smile, seriously i say, is better than Sunny…. In this TV show, YoonA are very diffrent with the Hello Baby, another TV show that SNSD have been take part… YoonA are show her totally charm face in family outing, and i only know why my friend are very like YoonA after i watch Family outing, i think is because YoonA personality and her charm..

I have a good friend on facebook, she is from Indonesia , she tell me she very like YoonA when the 1st time she meet me, and i am argue with her the YoonA and Sunny who are more cute and pretty … After that time, she is calling me as Sunny and i am calling her YoonA , because of i am eldest then her, she wanna call me eonni(sister in Korean)… when i tell her that YoonA are charm in family outing, she ask me that am i fall in love in YoonA, oh my, no way, my heart is only at Sunny… Haha…

Finally, Yoona are 21 years old after today, she is not my fav, but i will still support her… this post are not long as sunny post, but this is come out from my feeling ,Sorry for all YoonA fans…

Ok, lest wish this charm charm girl happy birthday, and have a nice 21 years old…^^

    • 張文懷
    • May 29th, 2010

    Happy Birthday YoonA!!

  1. Happy Birthday YoonA!!!I LOVE YOU!!!

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