Happy Birthday Kim Hyunah!

even though sunjanho had already posted a birthday post, i HAD to do one. she’s one of my main biases.

sooooo, happy birthday hyunah! it felt like just yesterday, she was a 15 year old girl in the wonder girls! now she’s 18, in 4minute and heading overseas.

in case you all didn’t know, the wonder girls was the girl that made me fall in love with kpop. not snsd, shocker, i know. and when they debuted someone stuck out more than all the rest. the was the sexy, short haired, hyunah! she was fierce and powerful in every performance, and i couldn’t take my eyes off her! especially the wonder girls mtv show. her goofiness and love for her members, made me just love her more. and when it was announced that the wonder girls would make a comeback later that year, i was pumped.  little did i know she had a very bad stomach problem and left the wonder girls. and when the song tell me came out, all i was asking to myself was where is hyunah!? then in the end of the song, i spotted a new girl. and i was furious. and morally upset. i felt like breaking down. she was almost my first girl-crush, and she was gone. the new yoobin, i didnt like at all and couldnt compare to hyunah (though i love her bunches now). i noticed changes within the group too, sunye and sohee- the closest ones to her- now seemed distant. and thats how we all know sohee as the ‘disinterested one’ now. i couldn’t stand it. i still listened to the wonder girls but it wasnt the same. but later 2008 it was stated that hyunah was going to debut with a new group under cube ent. and boy, i leaped out of my chair and danced. i was excited. and when 4minute debuted, my face had a smile ear-to-ear. i could care less that the song and outfits were horrid, hyunah was on my computer screen and that’s all that mattered. and to this day, i follow her everywhere. if something deals with her, i would know. and dont get me started on change. haha. and now huh! she’s one hot chica. even though she’s a complainer-as shown on invincible youth. and i’m toally depressed that she’s leaving that show, but i’ll support her coming to my home place, JAPAN!

love you now and forever hyunah, stay fierce!

    • sunjanho
    • June 7th, 2010

    Nice one! Mandu!!

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