Two Different Midnight Sun, Same Feeling

Midnight Sun a.k.a. Song of Sun a.k.a Taiyou no Uta, is a nice movie…

TaeYeon from SNSD have been finished her 1st musical ‘Midnight Sun’ , after i see this musical ,it have be take back my memory to 2 years before, the time i watch a Japanese Movie ‘Taiyou no Uta'(Song of sun), a movie filmed by Yui(Yui is my fav japan singer)..

This movie is Yui 1st and only movie that she filmed, because of this movie, Yui become my 1st Japan fav. singer, and because of this musical , TaeYeon be my 4th fav in SNSD…

Seriously i say, i very like this story, not because of Yui abd Taeyeon, is because of the story, when the time i watch ‘Taiyo no Uta’, in almost cry, but when i watch’Midnight Sun’ i cried…

TaeYeon are done a good job in this musical, she sing the story song that have been sang by Yui, ‘ It’s happy line’, ‘Skyline’, and my fav song ‘Goodbye days’.. All the song is cheer up song, and TaeYeon din change any meaning of that song..

But have some different part at here, in Yui version, Kaoru mother are alive , but in TaeYeon version , kaoru mother are died.. And the song record by kaoru, in Yui version is ‘Goodbye days’ but in TaeYeon version is  ‘Skyline’, and the last one, in Yui version , Kaoru are debut her 1st and only album after she died one month, but TaeYeon version are din debut any album at the end…

BTW, it is still a nice and Great story, ‘Midnight Sun’ a.k.a ‘Taiyou No Uta’ a.k.a ‘Song of Sun’  is my always and forever fav Story, and one more, in Taeyeon musical , it  make me remember one singer that i forget and i love so must last time, is Yui.. Yui , i remember u back, sorry for forgot u long time…

Yui version ‘Taiyou no Uta’

TaeYeon version ‘Midnight Sun’

By: 잔호 JanHo

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