Holy Crap Commenters

hey, this isn’t to everyone out there, but to a lot.

i appreciate that some of you comment to correct what we’ve messed up, but PLEASE do it in a polite way.

we are NOT perfect in any sense, so don’t make it seem like we are supposed to be.

this site is run by two people, Me and sunjanho who does NOT speak English perfectly.and we have lives so we can’t make sure everything is in line before we post. yes, we  are a mess. but this site wasn’t supposed to be a hit in the first place.

so yes, we will mess up, but i will not tolerate some of these immature responses some leave up.

i am never a bitch about it and ever take any of your comments for granted. if some one is wrong, we simply correct them with proof.

i’m sorry that we have a few slip ups. nothing on this can be even 100% true, because NO WHERE is completely true and/or perfect. i don’t care if you’re right or not. this site will be treated politely.

and sorry to all the followers of this site. i’ve been in school, so i haven’t been making spectacular profiles lately. but now that i am out for the summer you can count on some new pages being up. requests and questions are still recommended!

AND if some of you are just amazing and think you can improve the site (if it goes okay by me), email me if you want to join the Sumandu team (:

-thank you.

because she’s my new bias (;

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