Happy Birthday Ahn Sohee!

happy birthday to the wonderful beginning of all mandoo’s- SOHEE!

Sohee is so awesome! When i first saw Tell Me, she was the one who stuck out the most. Her cute outfit and hair with her soft voice. & talk about her ‘Omunah’ ! She was really pretty and i saw some talent, though her voice wasn’t as good as the others. In So Hot, i officially was a Sohee fan. She just glowed~ Her live vocalization was, eh, but that didn’t stop me from liking her. As i watched more videos of her, i liked her more. She was so silent, but every time she’d say a joke, everyone was laughing! On the MTV show they were on, she got me cracking up all the time. I was like, “How could anyone hate her?” because of all the antis she had. Also, isn’t her dancing amazing!? She’s so quiet, but she can dance like that! It’s like when she steps out on stage, she’s a different girl! Both are great i have to admit (: Sohee is truly wonderful while modeling, acting, dancing, and yes! singing! Mandoo Fighting~

i love her to bits, this mandoo. she’s overall just so amazing! how i wish i could be her best friend (: haha.

have a great one Sohee!

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