Fany Fany Tiffany!

and Kwon Yuri, of course!

before today, Tiffany’s birthday, she and Yuri said their goodbyes on their beloved MC job on Music Core due to SNSD’s upcoming Japan activities. they sang Baby Baby by 4men.

i wish all these girls such a wonderful experience overseas! i hope they become great hits! but i hope they’ll never forget all the Sones who await their return to Korea! please don’t stay there too long like your sunbaes!

and to Tiffany who turns another year older- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! she has been one of my biases since their debut. her gleeful eye smile and addicting laugh will always bring me joy. i love her powerful, yet sometimes uncontrollable, voice and can’t wait to hear it in Japanese. i love how strong she is with hurtful comments and deaths in her family, she knows she has eight wonderful sisters to stand by her as well. i love this mushroom so much and wish her all the best!

    • Sarang snsd
    • August 2nd, 2010

    Fresh air, fresh idea, fresh talent, fresh energy. Wish u to have a Marrellous Monday! Tasty Tuseday! Wonderful Wednesday! Thankful Thursday! Fantastib Friday! Sweet Saturday! Special Sunday! *Have a great week a head*. And i wishing you a wonderful day, coz u n al member of *SNSD* are so very special to me. *Happy Birthday 2 U* (Mushroon)

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