Sumandu Awards!

haha, there were no polls or anything, but these were my choices of the best songs/groups of the year.

Best Song of the Year: (Counted by plays on my Music player, and to my actual likeness)

  1. Taeyang, I Need A Girl

Top Ten:

  1. IU, Good Day
  2. SNSD, Oh!
  3. BEAST, Breathe
  4. 2am, I Did Wrong
  5. SHINee, Lucifer
  6. Super Junior, Bonamana
  7. Son Dambi, Queen
  8. SE7EN, Better Together
  9. T-Ara, I Go Crazy Because of You
  10. Orange Caramel, Aing~

Honorable Mentions: (Songs that were close)

  1. Sistar, Shady Girl
  2. Sistar, How Dare You
  3. Secret, Madonna
  4. SNSD, RunDevilRun
  5. IU & Seulong, Nagging
  6. SHINee, Hello
  7. BEAST, Beautiful

Best Groups/ Solos:

  • Female,  SNSD and Rookie, Sistar
  • Male, BEAST and Rookie, S.M. The Ballad
  • Solo Female, IU
  • Solo Male, Taeyang (Sol)
    • Erza
    • January 4th, 2011

    Sumandu,did u have any new news about kpop for this year?

      • sumandoo
      • January 5th, 2011

      i don’t follow, do you mean just news in general, or debuts and comebacks of new groups?

  1. I gotta agree with most of them but I think MissA should win Female Rookie…Hehe

  2. wow ! fighting girls *snsd*

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