The Top 5

i found a new interesting thing i’ll be doing every Sunday/Monday, and it’s called The Top 5. it’ll be my top 5 choices of songs that are currently being promoted. this weeks top 5 are,

1. Supa Love, Teen Top

2. Keep Your Head Down, DBSK

3. Shy Boy, Secret

4. High High, TOP&GD

5. Super Duper Diva, DalShabet

    • Kellie
    • January 17th, 2011

    Where is a SISTAR and RAINBOW profile ? -,- . Please add more profiles ,please ! 😀

    • michelle
    • January 26th, 2011


  1. don’t forget epik high…f.cuz…fly to the sky…infinite…shinhwa…supernova… teen top…z:ea…Cheon Sang Ji Hee…jewelry…secret & see ya…. i don’t really know them but for other kpop fans sake please put all of them here… i just saw their names in soompi…don’t know if 1 of them is not existing now… sorry for disturbing and advance thank you if you will puy them here…^-^

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