Through everything that has happened recently, please support Daesung and trend #wesupportdaesung on twitter. We need to let him know that VIPs and K-Pop lovers alike are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to back Dae up.

To the antis: Please, at a moment like this, don’t even TRY to say stupid things like “Daesung killed a person” and “His career is going to end now”. The situation is still being investigated…so don’t jump to conclusions. When it comes to death, respect is the only thing that an anti can do. Even legit antis that stoop to that level are not antis, but people in need of a major self-evaluation.

To the supporters of Daesung: Thanks is all I can say, and it’s all that I have for you. Please let him know to keep strong! If Dae gets depressed and suicides because of this and antis, VIPs’ worlds will CRASH.

– Jomarie

For info on the Daesung car accident:

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