Sorry for not updating a lot!

Dear faithful followers of Sumandu,

THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND AND PATIENT. It’s been about a week, and I feel extremely bad that I haven’t posted up any new profiles/pages lately. The thing is, it’s my summer break, and I kinda wanted to enjoy it a bit more. Ya know, get off the computer? Kekeke…

But anyways, this is why Sumandu has been a bit desolate lately. I just wanted to apologize for not updating, and that I promise I’ll come back soon with MANY profiles. Please wait! >U<

To quench your curiosity, here are upcoming profiles:

  • JQT
  • Jewelry
  • Brave Girls
  • Dal Shabet
  • Super Junior M
  • D-NA
  • DNT
  • 8Eight

…and that’s it for now! If something changes, I’ll let ya’ll know.

So thanks again and keep waiting patiently! (: Gomawo

– Jomarie

  1. yay! SJ-M!!!!!!!! love! love! love! love! thanks so much Jomarie! hihihi!

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