You guys, as legit K-Pop fans, I think we should do this. Don’t we all agree that we need a day like this? I THINK SOOO!

So, here is the info:

August 13th this year will be WorldWide KPOP Day!!!! Help spread the awesomeness that is KPOP by:

  • Making the TVs and computers in your electronics stores play KPOP
  • Post nothing but KPOP on your personal websites
  •  Organize large Flashmobs to perform KPOP songs/dances and load them onto Youtube with the tag “WorldWide KPOP Day”
  • Have “WorldWideKPOPDay” trending on Twitter the days leading up to the BIG DAY!
  • Blare KPOP in your cars with the windows down and take pictures of the reactions of others and Tweet/upload them with tags about KPOP
  • Let’s make this a BIG Event, all over the world, every race, nationality, gender, country!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this site for the source.


  1. Great idea! I’ll participant for sure ^^

  2. I must be the only person who thinks this but why have a day for Kpop? And why that date for? It’s very interesting how a lot of people support the two girls but still, everyday is K-pop day for some people, does there really need to be a specific day for it? :/

    Plus August 13th for some people is the end of their summer or midterm results. It won’t be much fun for them huh?

    • What you say is really true. Every day is a day for us to love K-Pop and to share it with others, but I guess someone just wanted one day to make K-Pop REALLY special. It would be great to see how K-Pop unifies people around the world on August 13th, and so maybe that’s why this day was created?

      Either way, I support this day. And for those few people who have midterm stuff to deal with or summer break ending, I’m sure World Wide K-Pop Day won’t add to their troubles too much (:

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