First off, a list of some profiles you can expect to be made soon:

1) Got7
2) BTS
3) AlphaBAT
4) Royal Pirates
5) Busker Busker
6) Crayon Pop
7) Akdong Musician

Second of all, we have a new “Contact Us” page. For business inquiries and to get faster (and less formal) updates, check this page out! We have a new twitter page^^

Third of all, I made some…


– Idol Siblings page

– Origins of Fan Club Names page (We’ve got new colors & fan club names for BTS and a few other new boy groups)

– Official Celebrity Accounts page (Weibo accounts to groups such as Suju, SNSD, 2NE1, Big Bang, B2ST, 2PM, M4M, Hello Venus, Juniel, NFlying, AOA, CN Blue, After School, EXO-M, Se7en, Epik High, Psy, Nu’est, 4Minute, Wondergirls, Miss A, FT Island, G.Na, JJ Project & Son Dam Bi were added, as well as the official Instagram accounts for Kris of EXO-M and a few of the girls for SNSD)

– Agencies & Record Labels page (Updated info)

– Nine Muses profile (Members changed)

– A Pink profile (Members changed)

– Speed profile (Members changed)

– Infinite profile (New photos)

– 100% profile (New photos)

– EXO-K profile (Members changed)

– KARA profile (Members changed)

– DBSK profile (Members changed)


– Jang Na Ra profile
– Han Ga In profile
– Goo Hye Sun profile
– Han Hye Jin profile
– Yoo Seung Ho profile
– LeesSang profile
– JYJ profile


(Still undergoing construction, so pardon me. Keep checking back to see how this project is turning out!)

– The Hallyu Wave, featuring a more holistic view on what goes on beyond the music. Featured pages include a Culinary Culture page (includes a Foods and Snacks page as well as an Eating Etiquette page), a Games & Quizzes page, a Wallpaper Downloads page, a K-drama page, a Fashion Fads page (includes an Ulzzang page, a Hair Transformations page, and a Styles of the Season page), and a TV Shows & Variety Programs page.  This little section I’d like to call my own. I want to move beyond the linear conventionalism (is that even a word?) of profiles and include some more fun and substantial pages. I’m really excited to see how this all turns out!

– OH YEAH. Be on the lookout for Faceoff Fridays! It’s a new page under The Hallyu Wave where we’ll be coming up with some neat scenarios and you guys get to vote! First Faceoff will be today! Check that out when it gets posted!


I’m still in the process of doing an all-over site clean up. I’m finding lots of places that need tweaking here and there. So, bare with me and be on the lookout for more future updates!

Oh yeah, and I’m going through thousands of comments to look for things that people have been requesting. Continue to comment guys! We DO look at everything you post!

Take a look around, and as always, don’t hesitate to let me know about issues or concerns.

– Jomarie


  1. Wow! glad for you to be back, it’s been a long time since a new post.
    btw, I can help you if you want to write Akdong Musician’s profile. Been a fan since they got into k-pop star 2. If you need any help.
    Catch you guys again soon in the next post :p

    • Awesome! You can contact us with the info through e-mail or twitter. We’ll credit you.

  2. Good to see you guys back again! Just wanted to drop by and say that if you’d like a hand with the profile for Royal Pirates, I’m more than happy to help, since I’ve been a long-term fan of theirs. 🙂

    • We’d appreciate that! If you want to e-mail or tweet us the info, then we’ll give you credit.

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