[UPDATE] New BTS Profile + BTS’ Official Accounts + Updated “Celebrity Birthdays” Page + Updated “Debuts” Page!!

Hi everyone! Did you miss me?

Okay, so here’s what went down today on the blog:

1) New BTS profile posted! This was a highly requested profile (right up there next to Got7), so I just had to get it done pronto. Check it out! I made sure to put lots of good, yummy details in. Btw, is it me or isn’t the meaning of their group name just a little funny? But I think it fits them perfectly. It sounds so…warrior-like…and that’s how they’re depicted as – strong, grimy, tough and rough men. Well, at least in their song “N.O” they are.

BTS (Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boy Scouts) Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/bts-bangtan-boysbulletproof-boy-scouts-profile/

2) So it’s only natural that if I post up a new profile, I’ve got to simultaneously update the “Official Celebrity Accounts” page. Which is what I did. So go here if you wanna find the links to Bangtan Boys’ YouTube, Twitter, etc….etc….etc…ya know the deal. And in all actuality, you probably already googled all this stuff up ages ago because we’re so behind on this stuff T^T huhuhu I’m sorry I’m only human. I make mistakes too.

Official Celebrity Accounts: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/official-celebrity-accounts/

3) I managed to (thankfully) update the extremely, extremely, extremely long list on our “Celebrity Birthdays” page. For those of you that are wondering Wait. Isn’t that just the same thing as what’s on a member profile? then the answer is “NO”. This page organizes an extensive list of celebrities’ birthdays – including some actors and models – by month and day (so you can see which idols share the same birthday as you).

But back to more important things. I added Busker Busker’s members’ birthdays to the list, as well as BTS’ members’, and SPEED’s, and EXO-K’s as well as EXO-M’s. Give it a go and visit the page!

Celebrity Birthdays: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/celebrity-birthdays/

4) Likewise, I happened to update the “Debuts” page too while I was at it. I inserted EXO-M’s debut, EXO-K’s, GOT7’s, and BTS’, among many, many others (i.e. groups who debuted from the year 2012 up until June of 2014).

Debuts: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/debuts-2011/

And that’s that! If you guys aren’t already following us on Instagram or Twitter, then go do so NOW. I keep y’all posted on those sites faster than on here, because I only post on here once I’m done with everything…but on IG and Twitter, I can keep you posted LIVE (AKA as I’m working). Help us reach at least 100 followers! It looks sad that we haven’t even hit the twenty mark yet.

Anyways, hope you all have a nice rest of your day/evening/morning….and if you haven’t watched the latest episode of Running Man, then you’re missing out. It was fantabulous. I loved Jiyoung and Sunggyu especially. They rocked the variety world that episode.

ALSO…as always, let us know if something is wrong and needs to be corrected. We always look at your comments! They’re very helpful sometimes!

Okie dokies, I’m signing off here for the day. Talk to you all tomorrow!

– Jomarie ❤

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