New Profiles? VOTE VOTE VOTE (Defunct)! + Updated EXO Official Celebrity Accounts + Updated “Siblings of Idols” Page

We added the official Instagram accounts for EXO here: Official Celebrity Accounts + we added the siblings of SPEED’s members here: Siblings of Idols


  We’re getting a flood of requests coming in, so now’s the time for you guys to vote and pick the order in which the next couple of profiles will be made. You have ONE WEEK TO VOTE (Defunct).


2) Blady

3) Halo

4) History

5) Topp Dogg

6) B.I.G

7) AlphaBAT


9) Wonder Boyz

10) LC9

11) LU:KAS

12) Kiss&Cry

13) Troy

14) Ulala Session

15) Mamamoo

16) G.I. (Global Icon)

17) N.O.M (Nature of Man)


  1. Hey~☆
    If you have time I would love of you could make a profile for the group NOM ^^
    If you don’t have all their information I could help you 😉

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