Top Ten Thursday (7/10/14)

We’re late on this, and we apologize. BUT, we present to you guys our first ever Top Ten Thursday, where we give up the secrets (not really) to why our ten songs of the week have been so addictive. From K-pop, to K-indie, to J-rock influenced K-pop, to trot, to ballads — and more — we analyze the depth of these songs from a holistic point of view, including their vocal power, their deliverance, their flow, and their overall musicality and presentation.

We wanted to incorporate more substantial posts into the blog, and although thousands upon thousands of other people out there have done the exact same thing as us…we feel that our two cents should be a part of the bigger picture. With that said, we hope you enjoy the short post, and are looking forward to some positive feedback from everyone!

Top Ten Thursday

July 11, 2014


Vocal Power & Deliverance = On a scale from 1 to 10; based on the artist’s capabilities to sing the song 

Flow = On a scale from 1 to 5; based on the song’s composition and structure

Musicality & Presentation = On a scale from 1 to 10; based on how captivating the song is and level of impact

NOTE: Ultimately, we rate the songs 1 through 10 by how addicted we are to them


10) JYJ – Pierrot

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 8; coming from JYJ, we can expect intense vocals, and that anticipation is definitely met here (though not as much as “In Heaven”)

Flow = 4; the song’s structure is slightly awkward (it sounds like half a ballad and half a Cascada song), but it’s completely made up for in the artsy and well-thought out lyrics

Musicality & Presentation = 8; this song is addicting the moment you hear it, and the play on the word “pierrot” in relation to the song’s story makes us want to support JYJ even more

9) Yun Jung – Drawing You

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 8.5; Yun Jung easily demonstrates through “Drawing You” that she has the ability to reach those high notes, and not sound like she’s belching, struggling, or screaming

Flow = 5; for an OST (from Sungkyunkwan Scandal), it’s no surprise that “Drawing You” is nicely composed, and that is showcased through the song’s balance between instrumentals and voice

Musicality & Presentation = 8; although short (it’s about three minutes long), “Drawing You” ignites strong emotions and leaves a lasting impression

8) Eric Nam – Love Song

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 7; it scores low, but don’t get the wrong idea – Eric does have one climactic moment in the song, yet the overall sweet, soft, and sincere vibrato of his voice takes center stage (sometimes, simple is better)

Flow = 5; yeah, this song is perfect composition wise…nothing feels out of place nor weird, and the acoustic vibe stays consistent throughout

Musicality & Presentation = 8; because this song is so romantic, it has a beautiful effect of making the listener feel like they’re floating away to a peaceful island on a sunny day

7) Hong Dae Kwang – Thank You My Love

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 8; Hong Dae Kwang is the male reincarnation of IU with exactly that same level of control that she  has in her theatrical-like voice

Flow = 5; “Thank You My Love” feels like is a Broadway song, and that jazzy, rock-ish instrumental in the background ties everything together

Musicality & Presentation = 8; this song is so catchy and is perfect for that “driving into the Californian sunset in my red hot convertible while wind is blowing in my hair” type of day

6) Yozoh – Day Dream

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 7.5; there’s not really an epiphany-like moment in this song, but Yozoh’s serene voice is just so refreshing that it makes you want to smile like you’re falling in love for the first time

Flow = 5; the minimal use of instruments and the focus on the guitar acts as a unifying agent for the feel of the song

Musicality & Presentation = 8; it may seem a tad bit plain, but that’s exactly why it stands out amongst many other songs of its time – the fact that “Day Dream” is minimalistic uncomplicates things, and it’s a chilling tune that we all need to hear every now and then instead of all that dubstep, techno-filled pop electronica music

5) Michelle Lee – Without You

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 9; Michelle hands-down has great control over her voice, knows her limits, and challenges herself to display her amazing talent through her vocal range (and it shows!)

Flow = 5; the structure of the song is a bit similar to other songs of its type, but that doesn’t mean there’s a problem with it

Musicality & Presentation = 9; especially when paired with the MV, “Without You” has the potential to make you cry, or at the least, make you feel all sorts of feels (but man, that chorus though…)

4) Got7 – Forever Young

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 6; with a seven member group and only two main/lead vocalists that are still managing to find their “it” thing, it’s quite alright that they lack in vocal power and strength, but their efforts are applauded

Flow = 4; “Forever Young” does feel a bit like it was quickly thrown together – and Mark’s lil’ sing-song rap in the intro was somewhat out of place – but for some reason, we can’t help but find ourselves jamming out and grooving to the beat anyways

Musicality & Presentation = 9; for a young teen fangirl, “Forever Young” is incredibly addicting due to its 100% “boyfriend-y” feel

3) Block B – Movie’s Over

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 9; Zico knows he isn’t a main vocalist, but he does so well in singing with a twang that is his very own and unique to only himself that it adds a lovely, melodic twist to the song, helping “Movie’s Over” to define it as Block B’s song and not just any song that any boy group can cover (plus, Taeil of course strikes the match as soon as he sings the bridge)

Flow = 5; purely effortless is how I say the composure of this song was managed to be created

Musicality & Presentation = 9; this is exactly the type of song I’d want to hear in a K-drama during a scene where the camera panzooms on the boy breaking up with his girlfriend for the better and tries so hard not to cry because he knows he wants to be with her but he can’t because he’ll probably end up getting her killed by his crazy, psychopathic mother

2) Jun.K – No Love

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 10; Jun.K demonstrates his strength as a vocalist with perfection, his harmonizing power is at its all-time finest, and he controls his tone with absolute ease

Flow = 5; I’d rate this song a 6 if I could, because there’s a lot in “No Love” that occurs that we don’t expect, and it’s a thrilling change that brings something new to the table and makes us all the more attracted to the song

Musicality & Presentation = 9; taking into consideration what happened to Jun.K before promoting this song, we can sympathize indefinitely with that sad, melancholy voice of his

1) Sunmi – Frozen in Time (feat. Jackson)

Vocal Power & Deliverance = 7; there’s no revelation to face during this song, but Sunmi downright sings “Frozen in Time” with such effortless sensuality, and Jackson only enhances the level of sexy going on here

Flow = 5; I don’t know if that’s an electronica piano playing in the background, but whatever it is, it’s acting as a baby-makin’ catalyst for the song

Musicality & Presentation = 8; if you feel like doing an endless amount of body rolls, then this is the song for you…and even if you don’t feel like flopping around like a fish, you’ll feel like doing something with your body because this jam is on point

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