VOTING IS OVER! The Next Profiles…

One week after the opening of our voting polls, we are now proud to announce the order in which the next seventeen profiles will be made. Now, also keep in mind that although this IS the final order of which the profiles will be made, if we feel like making a profile for somebody who is not included in this official list, then we may do so at any time. With that said, let’s take a look at how the results came in!

In first place, we have none other than WINNER with 107 votes!!! Not much of a surprise here, eh? We know, we voted for them too…we’re guilty of it. The next sixteen profiles are as follows:

2nd Place: Topp Dogg w/ 87 votes

3rd Place: History w/ 40 votes

4th Place: Kiss&Cry w/ 25 votes

5th Place: Halo w/ 24 votes

6th Place: LU:KAS w/ 19 votes

7th Place: LC9 w/ 18 votes

8th Place: B.I.G w/ 17 votes

9th place: Mamamoo w/ 16 votes

10th Place: AlphaBAT w/ 13 votes

11th Place: G.I. (Global Icon) w/ 9 votes

12th Place: Wonder Boyz w/ 8 votes

13th Place: Ulala Session w/ 7 votes

14th Place: WINGS w/ 5 votes

15th Place: Blady w/ 3 votes

16th Place: Troy w/ 2 vote

Last Place: N.O.M (Nature of Man) w/ 2 votes

[Jomarie’s Note] I’m surprised a bit, I must admit. I absolutely love  the company Brand New Music. I think they are a genius record label. They have signed with some serious, legit artists, including Verbal Jint, Miss $, San E, Bumkey, and Swings; and now their new rookie boy group Troy that just debuted this year has some major potential..enough to follow in the footsteps of their sunbaes. Maybe it’s just me though, because I’m a total die-hard rap/R&B fan…and you guys are more into pop. /le sigh But that’s alright! However, I thought WINGS had a reaaally great debut. Their song “Hair Short” is fantabulous, and it showcases their excellent vocal skills. And Wonder Boyz…dude…”Tarzan” is my jaaaaam. But I digress. I can see why N.O.M is last. Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. We all understand how confusing that group is. Their debut song was one thing, but man that other song (we all know what I’m talking about) was a whole different level of complete, absolute wut. Nuff said.

Now with voting finally out of the way, we can finally get started working on them! Wish us luck, and follow us on Twitter to keep posted on when we’ll publish these profiles. Thanks for participating, and we love you all. ❤

– SuMandu Team

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