[UPDATE] Updated “Birth Year Liners of Idols” Page + Updated Profiles & MORE!!

Helllllllllllllooooooo one and all. Thanks for taking the time to visit SuMandu today. We appreciate it.

I figure you came to find out what’s new on the site? Well, let me hinder you no longer. Here’s the break-down for today!

1) I managed to update our “Birth Year Liners of Idols” page. Yes yes, I’ve included Maru from C-Clown under the 97ers, and I also put WINNER in the list, too. Check it out if you want to know who else shares the same birth year as Jinwoo! Or Mino! Or Taehyun!

Birth Year Liners of Idols: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/idols-birth-year-liner/

2) I was looking through some comments and saw someone complaining that Girls’ Day now has four members because Ji Hae left, and I was all like “Wait, our Girls’ Day profile isn’t up-to-date?!?!?!?!?!” So yeah, knowing me, I had to scramble over there to update the darn thing. Now Ji Hae is -sniff sniff- listed as a former member. But hey! On the bright side, I updated the pictures while I was at it! Now we have prettier pictures to look at of Minah and the rest of them… (this totally doesn’t help, I know). Come check out our Girls’ Day profile merely to see the shiny, pretty pictures. LOL.

Girls’ Day Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/girl-groups/girls-day-profile/

3) So after seeing the previous comment about Girls’ Day having four members now and blah blah blah, I scrolled down further and saw yet again another person complaining that our Nine Muses profile needed updating too. I was like “I JUST UPDATED THIS PROFILE THREE WEEKS AGO WHAT THE HECK”. So I went over to check out their profile and realized that omg I’m stupid. I updated it, but I didn’t update it. Ya feel me? Well anyways, I assure you that NOW our Nine Muses Profile is really up-to-date. Can I just say, though, that companies really should think twice when naming a group after how many members are in it, because it’s just so awkward when a member leaves. I mean, Nine Muses has six members? LOL UM. If Got7 ever loses a member (which I swear to God I hope it doesn’t happen), then man. But anyways, that’s totally besides the point…come check out our Nine Muses profile to read some interesting and fun facts about them! I made sure to put in a lot of trivia.

Nine Muses (9Muses) Profile: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/kpop-profiles/girl-groups/nine-muses-profile/

4) Also, alongside updating Nine Muses’ profile, I found that their official accounts weren’t included on our “Official Celebrity Accounts page, so I stuck them right in there with no hesitation. Come find their Twitter, me2day, and other accounts here!

Official Celebrity Accounts: https://sumandu.wordpress.com/more-k-pop-information/official-celebrity-accounts/

5) Last, I find it important to let you all know that I’m currently working on our WINNER profile. I’m working hard to make sure that we have an excellent, top-notch quality profile for them — with HD, sparkly pictures included…don’t worry — that’ll be up and ready to go for your viewing pleasure before their debut date (which is August 1st, if you don’t already know). The reason for this is so that you can familiarize yourself beforehand and prep for all the fangirling that is to come. SUMANDU NEEDS TO BE ON TOP OF THE GAME. Alright, so I’ll continue to keep you updated on how our WINNER profile is coming along. Stay posted for when we publish their profile! If you aren’t already, follow us on Twitter to stay realllllly updated. We always update on Twitter first.

Mmmmmmkaaaaay misters and misses. That’s the break-down for today. Come back soon for more! Enjoy the site, and as always, don’t forget to share the K-pop love ❤ Good night Mandu-ers!

– Jomarie

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