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Stage Name: Kiggen (키겐)

Birth Name: Lee Ki Won (이기원)

Birthday: March 13, 1979

Position: Leader, Rapper, Producer

Blood Type: AB

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Education: Busan National University – Japanese Literature


Stage Name: Sanchez (산체스)

Birth Name: Shin Jae Min (신재민)

Birthday: October 17, 1986

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Education: University of Auckland – Laws, Arts in Japanese


Stage Name: Hanhae (한해)

Birth Name: Jung Han Hae (정한해)

Birthday: April 7, 1990

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Education: Dong Ah University – Business Department


Last updated September 5, 2012

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  • Comments (9)
    • daetokki
    • September 12th, 2012

    thank you for the profile ^__^

    • Fan of cube entertainment
    • September 16th, 2012

    Love them..sanchez oppa especially…thank u for the profile..

  1. hanhae is a former trainee of BNS and was originally in Block B

  2. now i remember hanhae.. block b members once spoke about him (awful english)

    • kimy
    • September 24th, 2012

    Sanchez really have a facebook? O.O

    • Yeahyeahilovezelo
    • October 6th, 2012

    Wooaaa..!!! Wait what?! They‘re trio?
    (I thought it‘s only 1 person)
    Hell yeah, I‘m confused :
    1. 2 rapper
    2. 2 vocalist
    (Sanchez and Hanhae)
    ….so the lead rapper is Kiggen?
    Mandoo-noona~ or other who knows~~ give me more specific information..
    (I just know ur older than me, hahah)

  3. who the visual >>???

    • blablabla
    • November 9th, 2012

    Plss pro.. of timez

    • RaeRa
    • January 22nd, 2014

    wow.. their educational background is awesome.. talents + brain + looks

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