After School Profile

~ Member Profile ~


Birth Name: Kim Jung Ah

Stage Name: Jungah

Date of birth: August 2, 1983

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Leader

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Blood Type: O


Birth Name: Lee Joo Yeon

Stage Name: Jooyeon

Date of birth: March 19, 1987

Position: Vocalist

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: AB


Birth Name: Kim Yoo Jin

Stage Name: UEE

Date of birth: April 9, 1988

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Face of The Group

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: AB


Birth Name: Oh Hye Rin

Stage Name: Raina

Date of Birth: May 7, 1989

Position: Main Vocalist

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: B


Birth Name: Im Jin Ah

Stage Name: Nana

Date of Birth: September 14, 1991

Position: Vocalist, Rapper

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: A

 Birth Name: Park Soo Young

Stage Name: Lizzy

Birthday: July 31, 1992

Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: A


Birth Name: Noh Lee Young

Stage Name: E-Young

Birthday: August 16, 1992

Position: Vocalist


Birth Name: Lee Ka Eun

Stage Name: Kaeun

Birthday: August 20, 1994

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: AB

Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Specialty: Japanese, Vocals


Name: Yoo So Young

Position: Vocalist

Date of Birth: March 29, 1986

Date of Withdrawal: October 29, 2009


Birth name: Rebecca Kim

Stage Name: Bekah

Date of Birth: August 11, 1989

Position: Main Rapper, Supporting Vocalist

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Blood Type: AB

Date of Withdrawl: July 1, 2011


Birth Name: Park Ji Young

Stage Name: Kahi

Date of birth: December 25, 1980

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: O


Last updated August 11, 2011

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  1. ahh!! Im Jin Ah unnie has a same birthday as mine~~ the only difference is the year..

    • AMI
    • March 22nd, 2010


    • i love nana lol.. ^^

    • I got the same birthday as NaNa too ^^

        • sonyeoshidae
        • September 19th, 2012


        Instead of birth date, her stage name is my nickname… XD

  2. goodness kim yoo jin has the same birthdate with our very lil’ cousin

  3. After School is COOL !!

  4. WOW!!!My b’day is the same as UEE’s!

    • Me too!!! She’s so pretty too! Saranghae<3

        • JiraDaebak
        • December 13th, 2012

        Me to!! Same birthday with UEE
        Same nickname with Nana ~

    • yen
    • June 14th, 2010

    huuhu… s0 pretty like a doll…

    • yeen
    • June 15th, 2010

    where uee? it’s a long time no see her when after school perform…

      • sumandoo
      • June 15th, 2010

      Uee is currently filming a sports drama called Buddy Birdie, and it’ll be airing soon.
      but once filming is over, Uee will have tiime to perform with After School once again.

    • Raymond
    • June 25th, 2010

    I have the same birthdate as lizzy!! same day, month and year!!

    • faera104
    • June 25th, 2010


    • xavier21lam
    • June 27th, 2010

    juz loves joo yeon….

    • Naegino
    • July 3rd, 2010

    I’m new playgirlz.
    Have nice day

      • lovelyn_iu.sica
      • February 2nd, 2011

      welcome, ^.^

    • glaiz
    • July 27th, 2010

    ueee…is sooo pretty…

  5. why raina at another group .. ORANGE CARAMEL ? does she quit from afterschool ?

      • sunjanho
      • August 3rd, 2010

      nope, orange caramel is sub-group for After School… Raina still one of the member in After School..

  6. ui

    • omepiang
    • August 16th, 2010

    They’re very cool! I like this group. 😀

    • k-pop lover
    • August 31st, 2010

    i got the same birthday as jin ah except she is 5 years older than me..

    • Yelin
    • September 5th, 2010

    Ga hee eonni.. My idol..GoOd dancer

    • ssica
    • September 16th, 2010

    Uee u’re so gorgeus,,

    • Fitry Mawar
    • September 27th, 2010

    wow Kahi 30 years old????? but she looks young n great body 😀

    • Nith
    • October 1st, 2010

    UEE so cool i love After School ^^

    • Nith
    • October 1st, 2010

    why Raina Nana and Lizzy at group Orange Camel? I luv group After School

      • Muzen
      • September 11th, 2013

      Orange Caramel is a sub-group ^^ They’re still in After School, but they are also a trio ^^

  7. i’m not a big fan of this band but they’re good
    & don’t like yoo jin i donno why !
    good luck 4 them^^

      • izz
      • March 21st, 2011

      what do you mean don’t like yoo jin?

  8. i like raina voice. so lovely.

  9. AWWWWW…..

    • lee sun kyu
    • December 21st, 2010


  10. OMFG 1 of them is 30 o.OO.o

    • LFMAO
    • January 2nd, 2011

    haven update? whrs the new member?

      • Anna
      • January 2nd, 2011

      who is the new member? haha

    • Anna
    • January 2nd, 2011

    on the photo with all members are just 7. but they are 8. why?

      • sumandoo
      • January 3rd, 2011

      a new member was just added, there has not been any official pictures with all eight as a group. when some pictures are released, i will change it.

        • Anna
        • January 4th, 2011

        who is the new member? (:

    • asteria
    • January 6th, 2011

    kuq gag da son dam binya?

      • January 17th, 2012

      Hanya pendapat saya saja,tapi kalau mau comment kamu dimengerti oleh orang lain yg baca blog ini seharusnya kamu pakai b.inggris *just my opinion,if you want another readers of this blog understand your must speak in english languange*

    • yunalis
    • January 15th, 2011

    now the leader of after school is kahi but now she is 31 if i not mistaken if she now would should been marrige

    • they C
    • January 16th, 2011

    wow, i got same b’day with GaHee unnie ;), but she’s 10 years older than me ^^

    • they C
    • January 16th, 2011

    i’m wrong, GaHee unnie is 15 years older than me i was born in 1995, and where the new member come from?

      • sumandoo
      • January 16th, 2011

      she just recently joined, at the end of December she preformed with them during Bang! in one of the Gayo Daejuns. she will be on After School’s next single.

    • myajjang !
    • January 23rd, 2011

    lizzy is no longer the maknae

    • Riya
    • February 3rd, 2011

    i love AS bcoz they are unique they use Students instead of members ! awesome ! and the former member already graduated ! :DD

    • Some-Boo-Dee
    • February 9th, 2011

    whos the main dancer? is it jooyeon?

      • sumandoo
      • February 9th, 2011

      the main dancers are considered to be Kahi, Jungah, and Uee.

    • zeya
    • February 11th, 2011

    i fall in love with NANAAAA!!! xDDD
    oh myyy~

    • Jong Jisun
    • February 17th, 2011

    wow i got same birthday as Kahi^^
    my favourite girl leader^^!!
    after school hwaiting~!!

  11. i got same birthday as Uee ..
    i like Uee, Joo Yeon, and Raina ..

    • yamamato megumi
    • March 5th, 2011

    the after school is just only five before uee,nana,raina,lizzy, and leeyoung join???and the old members is jungah,kahi,bekah,joyeon and soyoung?????just asking ^_^

    • QaQa Lee
    • March 14th, 2011

    gogogog after school , saranghae .. espacially for raina !

    • joanne mae a. medel
    • March 19th, 2011

    after school is cool!! go bekah!!!!!!

    • izz
    • March 21st, 2011

    kim jung ah why you so cute….:)

    • cristy
    • April 7th, 2011

    advance happy birthday ..UEE ( Kim Yoo-Jin )

    • ,,,ayem,,
    • April 9th, 2011

    joo yeon nana neor saranghae

    • kpop lover1993
    • April 26th, 2011

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rebe kim is is just 2 days away from my bday
    except the years she has more than me but doesnt matter aaaaaaaaaaaaa sarangue after school

    • QUEENlovesKPOP
    • May 13th, 2011

    they are 9 their shampoo song.. ^^

    • Yes! There are 9.
      However, little information has been released yet about the new member.

    • Amulia Linggawati
    • May 14th, 2011

    My date of birth was same with Bekah unnie,August 11 , 1995

    • Woooo
    • June 6th, 2011

    I got the same birthday as Kahi ❤ 😀

    • chuahuishun
    • June 8th, 2011

    Sharing the same birthday as uee~ >.<
    9 April peeps are great. and our difference in age is 10 years Sharp!!~

  12. bekah is leaving and uee is solo albuming
    after school is an admission and graduating group
    first one to graduate is bekah
    she is willing to
    she gonna go back to hawaii and go back to designing

    • Yes. Sadly, I’ve heard this shocking news today. Because Bekah is my bias from AS, it pains me to hear that she’s leaving. Although I’m glad for Bekah because she is pursuing her dream of becoming a designer, After School just won’t be right without her. But I shall support her in her dreams! Hwaiting! >U<

      UEE has a solo album coming out? YAY! I cant wait!

      By saying After School is an admission and graduating group, may I ask if that means they will continue to add and remove members? This is new to me 0_o

      Wow, you seem very much like an After School expert. Kudos to you! (:

        • bekahbias
        • June 18th, 2011

        Apparently, the next member will take over Bekah’s spot and be Japanese.

      • Yes, I figured she would take over her spot. But do you mean that the new member’s ethnicity is Japanese?

      • im not sure if they will continue to add but i guess they will since they will remove member but not at once like since bekah is leaving this year they may remove a member like a year or 2 later

      • Hmmmm, I see I see. Thanks for the info!

    • Elaa
    • June 21st, 2011

    Now Bekah is former member

  13. Omgg Me n Kahi r both capricorns!! :333

  14. Uee is my Favourite Member of After School

    • O-o
    • July 14th, 2011

    So I think in Korea they said something about blood type being really important with relationships. That’s kinda interesting because if you notice tueir blood types, the ones that are look “bonded” the most are the same. Like Kahi and Jung ah, Lizzy and Nana–pretty cool, pretty cool! 🙂

  15. Who is the new member?

    • Blu Tyler
    • July 19th, 2011

    I’m going to miss Bekah! Good luck to her career… Keep fighting After School! =)

  16. oooo heheh cute girls

  17. Can you update E-Young’s height ? Plz! ^^

    • Portia
    • July 25th, 2011

    Why did Rebecca leave?????

  18. why did portia leave?

  19. WOW~! now there’s 10 of them ??! O.o

    • No, only 8. The last two are graduated. They aren’t a part of the group any more.

    • amir safwan
    • July 29th, 2011

    why bekah graduates from this group….???
    and what is her job after leave the group??

    • Bekah left the group in order to become a graphic designer in the American industry. She’s currently living in Hawaii…if I remember correctly. She finally chose to pursue her real dream, which is art!

    • ada chom
    • August 1st, 2011

    Happy Birthday Jung Ah ,wish u all the dream come true \(^o^)/~

    • TiffanyCassiSONE
    • August 2nd, 2011

    doesn’t have who that like my brith day =_= but never mine cuz i’m not their fan

    • TiffanyCassiSONE
    • August 2nd, 2011

    because i’m SONE and Cassiopeia

    • mizanaway
    • August 3rd, 2011

    JungAh is the first main vocal and Raina is the second main vocal. Nana and UEE is rapper according to wikipedia. Kahi is lead vocal or just a vocalist. btw, in the new Bang MV (japanese version), Lizzy take a rap part too. Everyone can rap in after school 🙂 Yippieee~!

  20. I’ll don’t believe that “nana” same year of my birthday .so lucky……..!!!!!!

    • Mina
    • August 5th, 2011

    Wow! Uee and nana are tall! I hrard b2sts kikwang is 173 or 4 cm tall! Hahaha! They tower over all the guys!

    • rko
    • August 6th, 2011

    lizzy look like kara han seungyeon,maybe they sister

    • putri nur farisya
    • August 7th, 2011

    UEE and Lizziy Unnie So Kyeo!! saranghaeyo!! i’m play girl..

    • putri nur farisya
    • August 7th, 2011

    actually after school how many members..7,8,9 or 10?? can you tell me..i am very interested to know about this because i was play girls..please!!! ^^ help me

    • There are 8 members total! (: Bekah and So Young left the group already.

        • putri nur farisya
        • August 8th, 2011

        oh..thanks=) so now kahi,jung ah,uee,raina,lizzy,nana,jooyeon and e-young in after about orange caramel???

      • Alice
      • May 16th, 2012

      orange caramel has three members. nana, lizzy and raina

    • dindin
    • August 8th, 2011

    FYI…….kahi unnie’s birth name is not park gahee its park jiyoung

    • dindin
    • August 8th, 2011

    FYI…….kahi unnie’s birth name is not park gahee its park jiyoung

    • dindin
    • August 8th, 2011

    cool uee unnie has da same height as me

    • rko
    • August 8th, 2011

    putri nur farisya u so cute

      • putri nur farisya
      • August 8th, 2011


    • rko
    • August 9th, 2011

    apa sih?

  21. wah….
    Kim jung Ah mirip bqet dgan tiffany(snsd) yea..

    • erra au lerrr
    • September 5th, 2011

    apa lu bilang,mana sama dong,jauh bebeda dong


  23. My bias are Jooyeon, Raina, and Kahi ^^ Isn’t Kahi’s name is Park Kahi? o.O

      • Alice
      • May 16th, 2012

      same thing.. LOL maybe just a shortcut

  24. That’s not what wikipedia said….

  25. E-young and Raina is most Beautiful

    • KPOP Lover..
    • October 19th, 2011

    i thought UEE was a leader..


    • amy
    • October 28th, 2011

    mata uee besar gilaaaaaaa

    • tina
    • October 30th, 2011

    they very cool.. i did not know that gahee is 31 years old

    • chazzica
    • November 14th, 2011

    my favorite was bekah…but i guess she left for the best 😦

    • kyuminshipper
    • December 4th, 2011

    Oh my y u so cute Lizzy ? .___. They’re so beautiful :OOO

  27. wow … kahi unnie’s birthday is on christmas day 🙂

    • fatinnurliyanaazhar
    • December 24th, 2011

    i like kahi

  28. Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clearness on your post is simply excellent and i can assume you are a professional on this subject. Fine along with your permission let me to clutch your feed to stay updated with forthcoming post. Thank you 1,000,000 and please continue the rewarding work.

  29. i like all of them, they’re very beautiful bodies, have a good voice, they’ve many talented, but UEE, can you tell me how to called her? i confused how i called UEE, Ui or Yue ?tell me ya

  30. hi…i love your group

    • acestar3016
    • January 18th, 2012

    is raina july 7 or may 7?

    • crazy_kpop
    • January 27th, 2012

    uee soo cute and beautiful

    • Carissa
    • January 28th, 2012

    oh my god. AS you’re so perfect. you’re the best ^^.
    Bekah, Yoo So Young, E-Young, Lizzi, Nana, Raina, Uee, Jooyeon, Jungah, Kahi. You’re the best forever! success in K-pop, and you’re work! I always pray for you so you can be the best in youre world.
    Fight!! ^-^.
    Bekah, Yoo So Young I miss you! came back again in k-pop T-T

    • someone
    • February 9th, 2012

    i miss bekah a lot !

    • shieyda soonkyu
    • February 10th, 2012

    lizzy unnie is very cute…also jooyeon unnie and kahi unnie..saranghae…

    • Lalah
    • February 14th, 2012

    Graduates? What do they mean by that and why did they withdraw? I’m confused.

    • Ry89
    • February 18th, 2012

    Soyoung’s twitter account: SsoSso_1004 -she is part of the dream high 2 cast Nana’s me2day:

    • jasminELF
    • February 20th, 2012

    love you


    • Gabrielle
    • February 24th, 2012

    I miss Bekah~! 😦 BooHooHoo~! 😥

    • shirly goh
    • March 1st, 2012

    Ooo…… I love After School, they so good in dancing and singing!!!!!!!!!

    • ashbelle
    • March 3rd, 2012

    Nana unnie is soo pretty…
    like her so much…

    • Mafia
    • March 17th, 2012

    I love these girls

    • Annisa
    • March 18th, 2012

    Uhh !!!! Kim Yoo Jin , Im Jin Ah , Park Soo Young !!!! My Unnie Forever

  32. Wow After School Got Two beautiful Member

    • Fly kash
    • March 28th, 2012

    Lee Joo Yeon you beauty

    • anne meiliane
    • March 30th, 2012

    i like nana all 🙂

  33. happy birthday Liar pixie, UEE(..^__^..)

  34. There is gonna be a new member
    her name is gaeun and she is 17 years old
    she will join them officially in may but start performing after the release of their new album which will be around june 21

  35. well, i think SuMandu’admin will update new information about the girl who disrupt AS’team. kpop don’t need any change of famous band as AS. That makes me(and everyone who is kpop fan) more confused and anger.
    I’m so sorry but i hate you, Gaeun

    • CheongDung-Is-Love
    • April 16th, 2012

    WOAH! Another new member?!?! This is madness!!! Pledis should just made a whole new group! Well actually I think After School should stay just Kahi, Jungah, Jooyeon, Soyoung (with Uee to replace her), an Bekah 😦 And then Orange Caramel should just be a whole separate group. Then EYoung and now GaEun and whoever else joins AS should be there own group!

  36. OMG 😥 . . they shouldn’t just let so young and bekha just like that. . WTH is going on with pledis ent. ? why should bekha and so young go? this inst fair.. I hate after school. :@


  37. e-young is totally good at playing guitar 😀

  38. the new member weight????

    • afterskool
    • April 24th, 2012

    what? 68kg?
    she’s very heavy

    • christianparreno
    • April 26th, 2012

    after school is my favorite girls group,,,,,(>.<)

    • yeol
    • April 30th, 2012

    there is no way the new member is 68kg

    • reis014
    • May 1st, 2012

    Gaeun is 17 years old

    • ocki
    • May 2nd, 2012

    r u sure 68kg???

  39. so far as I know the number of members after school is 8. then, why there are 11 members here?

      • Akmalya
      • May 3rd, 2012

      There’s a new member recently joining AS in 2012. The 2 bottom members are the former members.

        • Virgo
        • May 7th, 2012

        so, how many original members after school?

  40. after school is getting ready to make a comeback into the music industry

    • Playgirlz99
    • May 4th, 2012

    why did you guys hate Gaeun?
    you know right that After School using graduation system. when the member out, it will replace by someone.

    and if you guys hate Gaeun then, don’t ever said that you are true fan of them!
    true fan is someone who will keep support them even they keep adding member.

    • bAsri
    • May 7th, 2012

    i love after school my fave song is bang and because of you

    • Alvarez_15
    • May 10th, 2012

    I thought that Nana was a lead vocalist.

  41. nana ❤ uee ❤ kahi ❤ jung ah ❤

    • Alice
    • May 16th, 2012


    • AntiJessicaForever
    • May 17th, 2012

    Who is their Face of the group when they were a 5-member girl group??? Is it Jooyeon? If she is she must be a visual

      • Woonaholic
      • September 22nd, 2012

      It’s soo young

    • anys
    • May 18th, 2012

    i like after school…xspecialy nana…

  42. gaeun-nya salah satu member After School atau sudah keluar? rata-rata foto After School kalau saya cari ada 8….

      • Akmalya
      • May 31st, 2012

      Gaeun is the newest member added into After School. She is the ninth member and debut in After School’s Japan Concert recently.

  43. thanks about info. 🙂

    • PlayGirlz
    • June 5th, 2012

    you can write Park Kahi , in graduates member
    she graduate is Confirm ;'(

      • B-Young
      • June 5th, 2012

      Sadly, yes. I’ll miss her, but it was high time she moved on and became a solo singer in her own right. Best of luck to Miss Kahi!

    • ff
    • June 6th, 2012

    Kahi will graduate in september 2012

  44. even though she graduate
    it is confirm she will return as a solo singer

  45. wait for the comeback of AFTER SCHOOL ^^ 21/06

    • SNSD
    • June 8th, 2012

    I heard that Kahi will graduate…..Wonder who will be the leader? I think it’s Jung ah….

    • SNSD
    • June 8th, 2012

    So sad that Kahi will graduate….:(
    I think the new positions will be
    Jung ah-Main Vocalist,Main Dancer
    Jooyeon-Lead Vocalist
    UEE-Vocalist,Rapper,Face of the group
    Raina-Main Vocalist
    Nana-Lead Rapper,Vocalist
    Lizzy-Main Rapper,Vocalist

    I don’t know who will be the leader but I think it will be Jung ah

      • AlviJayy
      • June 8th, 2012

      Jooyeon ? Lead Vocalist ? Really ? Nana Or Lizzy Is More Fit For Lead Vocalist, and Main Dancer Might Go To Nana As Well But You Might Be Spot On For Jungah As The Leader And Main Dancer !

    • dialina
    • June 10th, 2012

    yoo so young is out from after school, is’n’t it? :O

    • dialina
    • June 10th, 2012

    but, i’m still love AFTER SCHOOL yeeeah

    • ff
    • June 12th, 2012

    I think its the new position

    Jungah:Leader,Main Vocalist,Lead Dancer
    UEE:Main Dancer,Face of the group,Vocalist
    Raina:Main Vocalist
    Nana:Lead Rapper,Vocalist
    Lizzy:Main Rapper,Vocalist
    Kaeun:Lead Vocalist,Maknae(because she has the best vocal among the vocal trainers)

      • Rai
      • June 20th, 2012

      Really? Ka-eun is better than Lizzy? Nana too?

    • Woonaholic
    • June 12th, 2012

    I think 1 of 3 : Nana, Lizz or Kaeun wil be new lead vocal 😀

  46. Kahi just graduate, hmm.. I dont know what to say, I hope she’s and other 2 member who’s just left before will rejoin back to this group.but it will never happen, without them, is not gonna be the same after school, 3 of them really talented, I hope them succed in the future. Whatever it is I hope after school keep the good work. Good luck everyone! Love yah!



  48. There are rumor that nana will be the next leader
    in the comeback picture with the other member
    nana was the only one wearing golden shoe
    this happen 2 years ago with kahi in the bang comeback
    after school agency said just wait until the comeback
    but personally i think she is the next leader

  49. after schools new leader is jung ah (pledis said)
    she has promoted after school alongside with kahi
    and also she is the oldest unni in the group
    pledis decided that jung ah take the spot but still they are discussing

    • Ridha
    • June 16th, 2012

    now kahi is soloist and actress
    she graduates from after school

  50. Wait, so now since Kahi left. Who is the Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist and the Main Rapper?

      • A_S
      • June 22nd, 2012

      I only know Nana is the new face of After School+Lead Vocalist, Lizzy Lead Vocalist

    • Greywaterr
    • June 22nd, 2012

    Main dancer is Jungah and Lead dancer is Nana. Lead vocalist is Lizzy and main rapper is Nana. Lizzy is lead rapper

    • AlviJayy
    • June 23rd, 2012

    No, The Main Dancer Is Nana, Lead Vocalist Goes To Nana AND Lizzy, Main Rapper Goes To Nana And Lead Rapper Goes To Lizzy. Jung Ah Is Still A Lead Dancer.

      • A_SHwaiting!!!!
      • June 28th, 2012

      Can pls someone change it!!!!!! NANA!!!!!! MAIN DANCER!!!!!!!!!

    • ff
    • June 23rd, 2012

    Can you change their positions?

      • AlviJayy
      • June 24th, 2012

      And Update The Pictures LOL

    • hw_tae
    • June 24th, 2012

    Jooyeon is a Lead Vocalist….Kahi is the Lead Vocalist but Kahi graduated now and Jooyeon is the new lead vocalist

  51. kyaa Shin Gaeun So Pretty ❤

    • zhenzhen
    • June 28th, 2012

    as expected Jung ah is the next leader. ;DD

    • janice ardales saluague
    • June 29th, 2012

    why did kahi graduated??? we miss her..

    • dwi kumorojati
    • June 30th, 2012

    I miss bekah and kahi soooo much T___T

  52. I think e-young looks waaaaaaay younger than Gaeun even though she’s older ‘__’ (Just my opinion hehehe….)

    • febbynya
    • July 4th, 2012

    Hey go see Kaeun’s student card~ she wrote her name is Lee kaeun not shin kaeun hehe

      • Akmalya
      • July 4th, 2012

      Thanks yo! You helped a lot!

  53. thanks

    • Dilyaelf
    • July 5th, 2012

    Isn’t it Shin Kaeun?

  54. oh my god kahi shares birthday with me hahahaha

    • pachee
    • July 10th, 2012

    i like uee.she is very very cute and beautiful.she is very beautiful girl in after school.

    • Ridha
    • July 13th, 2012

    original name of E-young,, Noh Lee young or Noh yi young?? im so confused

      • byme1010
      • July 18th, 2012

      her real name is Noh Lee Young

  55. Please update their profile and pictures

    • byme1010
    • July 18th, 2012

    i love jooyeon

    • Fly kash
    • July 18th, 2012

    flash back awesome without kahi. jung ah turning to be a great leader,

    • July 23rd, 2012

    there’s a new members right ? ^^

    • joice dhixiennuebvhe
    • July 23rd, 2012

    after school kahi and snsd taeyeon is the best leader EVERRRRRR….

    • JENNY
    • July 23rd, 2012


  56. kahi already out from after school .-.

  57. I HATE YOU KIM JUNG AH!!!!!!!

      • jungahlovers
      • July 31st, 2012

      waduh ampe segitunye
      cinta mati ya ama jungah

    • Haeryn
    • July 28th, 2012

    Uee Unnie…she is not a hypocrite..that’s why i like her.and also because of her humbleness..

    • Queenie
    • July 28th, 2012

    Can you update new Photos of them? 🙂 please..the flashback photos.thank you.i’ll wait for your respond

    • jungahlovers
    • July 31st, 2012

    yeah you should change the pict. to the new one

    • l.r.
    • July 31st, 2012

    I think Lizzy has attained a higher vocal position, not just plain vocalist. ^^ I think she’s the lead vocals now.

  58. I miss Kahi and bekka so much

    • E-Young Fan
    • August 10th, 2012

    E-Young is now one of the main dancers actually.

  59. I Love Kahi!!!

  60. After School’s UEE is so cute !!!

    • dongwon aja
    • August 24th, 2012

    I am confused. actually now a member after school was how much? and why kahi out?please reply!

  61. i hate uee

    • SeomatesYoonaddict
    • August 28th, 2012

    Is that real they’re Twitter??
    I was very confused -_-“

    • lublaby ricky ;D
    • August 30th, 2012

    Even if im repeating their mv , still cant recigniza them well T.T

      • lublaby ricky ;D
      • August 30th, 2012


  62. Sorry to say this for all of the AS fans. But in my humblest opinion, there are some of them who lack talent : jooyeon, uee, e-young, kaeun. In term of vocal talent it is.


  64. uNnIe ~JunG Ah~
    SarAnGhAe AFte scHoOL

    • leoelvess
    • September 7th, 2012

    So Kahi was like 31 years old. WOW!



      • Me
      • September 14th, 2012

      You hate my bais Uee and you can’t spell your bais name ^^

    • Bonnie
    • September 15th, 2012

    Think about it if Pledis wants to take out another member (Which most likely would be Jung Ah) they will have to get someone with a good voice. I think lizzy can have a good voice if they train her well.

    • Woonaholic
    • September 22nd, 2012

    I think it should be:
    Jung Ah: leader,main vocalist, lead dancer
    Joo Yeon: Sub-vocalist
    Uee: Main Dancer, Sub-vocalist, Sub-rapper
    Nana: Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of the group
    Raina: Main vocalist
    Lizzy: Vocalist, Main Rapper
    E-young: Voccalist
    Kaeun: Vocalist
    Nana has a higher voice than Lizzy but Lizzy gets a stronger voice than Nana, I don’t know who will be lead vocal or both.. Beside E-young and Kaeun can sing well too….

      • ASHwaiting!!!!
      • October 1st, 2012

      Anna :
      who is the new member? (:

      Nana should be the main dancer!!

        • Woonaholic
        • October 1st, 2012

        Kaeun is the newest member

  66. i never lke this group because they fat

      • Alice
      • October 27th, 2012

      if they’re fat then you must be a freakin hippo

    • jane
    • September 25th, 2012

    wow ang cute nman nla

    • jieun#o3
    • October 1st, 2012

    i like your eyes yoo jin haha ..ang laki cute..aneoseo i’m your filipino fan ..i love kahi when she in dream high 2 ..and also yoo jin in he’s beautiful..fighting

    • Nomnom
    • October 7th, 2012

    Uee eonni 173 cm he is sooo taalllll xD i like uee and jungah eonnideul..and bekah eonni too ㅠㅠ

    • b2uty
    • October 12th, 2012

    In my heart,my A.S position is(2012):
    Jungah:Leader,Main vocalist(2nd),lead dancer
    Raina:Main vocalist(1st)
    Nana:Visual(1st),Main dancer,lead rapper,Vocalist
    Lizzy:Lead Vocalist,Main Rapper,sup-Dancer
    Kaeun:Main dancer,vocalist,maknae

    • Nayrb
    • October 13th, 2012

    i love nana the best! =PP

  67. I Like Kahi and Joo Yeon…!!!
    But,why Kahi exited…??
    I very sad,…Kahi is so beautifull and multi talent…T_T

    • Kahi left to pursue acting and a solo career. It is sad but it is something that she wanted to do. Plus, she stated in earlier interviews that she would stay with the group for a little while…Kahi Fighting!

        • JiDeuLaGon
        • February 14th, 2013

        Kahi didn’t ‘left’. She graduated~

    • mai
    • October 31st, 2012

    i know why after school are energetic while perform. it is because majority they are fire sign. Jungah=leo, lizzy=leo, uee=aries, ka eun=leo, lee young=leo, kahi (moon sign=leo), nana (moon sign =leo), raina =taurus(earth sign,that why she got such a beautiful voice), joo yeon=pieces (water sign which represent feminine sign.that why joo yeon is beautiful ) heeheee..view ur own birth chart so that u know why u dont similar traits with the person that has the same sign as yours..

    • L*J
    • November 30th, 2012

    I LoOove YoOou ^_^
    •••••~*~*~*~*~*~*~*••••• :)~**~ 😀
    I LoOove {. After school .} ^_^ 😮

    • L*J
    • December 26th, 2012

    ♥ 난 당신을 사랑 ♥ ★~★~★~★~★
    Happy new year😉😉😉😉😉😉

    • SJ
    • December 28th, 2012

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I LoOoVE YoOoU♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Merry Christmas ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Yunyul
    • September 8th, 2013

    I love Lizzy, Nana and Uee. They’re so cute and pretty. Love them.

  68. They have other members… The Pledis trainees and the Preschool girl… I only remember Kyungmin

    • Raven queen
    • November 2nd, 2013

    I love u jooyeon 🙂

    • Jhanna Eun
    • November 10th, 2013

    ..i love NANA..

    your eyes is sooooooooooooooooo BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG


    • Chasanah Tres
    • January 5th, 2014

    I love lizzy ; )

  69. I really like jooyeon and uee and want to after school come laos

    • chocolate_milk
    • August 7th, 2014

    Raina unnie~ I love you’re voice and you’re so cute >///<
    Jooyeon unnie Nana unnie are very beautiful //sorry my english are bad, I'm indonesian.. Peace//

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