Idols’ Pets

Just for some good ol’ fun, why not find out what Brian Joo’s pet looks like, or maybe even Jokwon’s? Look at this list for any other pets your bias may have!

NOTE: Pets that were re-homed or have passed away as of 6/23/2011 are not included



Jokwon – Haengwoonie

Seulong – Saebyuk (1, 2)


Chansung –Jeonggam

Junho – Ggomengie

Wooyoung – Peep


Bom – Choco (1)

CL – Ddochi

Minzy – Dougie (1234)

After School – Yaya, Hoho

Jooyeon – Gogi

Nana – Happy

A Peace – Gingko


Dongwoon – Yuri (1)

Big Bang

G-Dragon – Gaho (12345)

Taeyang – Boss (12)

T.O.P – Charlie (1)

Brian Joo – Beckham (1)

C.N Blue

Yonghwa – Jjingie (12)

CSJH The Grace 

Dana – Justin, Timber (12345), Lake, Dodo

Lina – Haru (1), Mashi (1), Maro (1)

Sunday – Nichi

Dalmatian – Bbangku (12345), Nunie

Dal Shabet

Ah Young – Chanha

Subin – Louis

F.T. Island – Peach (12)

Hongki –  Elisya (1)


Luna – Bap (1)


Goo Hye Sun – Kkongchi, Bap, Jjangachi, ManduSoondae

Isak – Ra Im



Gyuri – Kingkang

Hara – AngBang

Jiyoung – JisookMyungsoo

Nicole – Mocha, Chino

Seungyeon – Name unknownName unknown

Lee Hyori – Mimi, Samshik (1), SoonieSoon Shimee (12345)


Mir – Soju (123)

Thunder – Doodoong


Jonguk – Name unknown (1)

One Way

Peter – Jjingu (12345)

Rain – Janggoonie


Di – Mandoo

Jooyi – Doongji, Name unknown

Joy – LamYai

Saem – Bon Bon (1234)

T-ae – Ttongji

Se7en – Aegi, Kanji

Seo In Young – Bok SoonieSaeri


Key – Kommde/ Comme Des

Jonghyun – Roo (1234)

Taemin – Eve, Adam


Eric – JamongieYaku (1)


Hyungjoon – Choco (12345)

Jungmin – Laping

Super Junior

Donghae – Bada, Meo

Eunhyuk – Choco (1, 2), Minky

Heechul – Baengshin (12345), Champagne (1), HanJayHeeBum [Heebum] (12345)

Kangin – Gongju

Yesung – Ddangkomming, DdangkommaengKkoming (1)

Zhou Mi – Ni Qiu (123)


Injoon – Jang Boah

Tony – Tori (123)

TRAX – Henry


Changmin – Mangdoong (12345)

Jaejoong – Jiji (12345), Vick (123), Yoyo

Junsu – Bakira (12), Leo (12345), Leon (1), Shadow,  Shaki (1234, 5), Tigger (12345)

Yoochun – Harang (12345), NamuNorae

Yunho – Taepoong (12345)


Dongho – PpuPpu

Eli – Ongy, Tongy



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  • Comments (84)
    • kat
    • June 23rd, 2011

    i have a cat but she really mean 😦
    why are so many named choco?

    • Eunice
    • June 24th, 2011

    LOL why is dong woon’s dog called yuri? Thanks for this page!

    • k-popfan
    • June 25th, 2011

    why jonghyun’s pet name roo???

      • Amy Tan
      • October 11th, 2011

      There’s a story behind… He mentioned before. Something to do with Minho. Roo was actually for Jonghyun’s sister but yeah~ Anyway, Roo’s full name is Star Roo a.k.a Byul Roo. You can actually search Google for how that name came about, or ask any Blinger.

        • kpop fan
        • December 5th, 2011


    • vivi2ap
    • July 28th, 2011

    Ithink choco is kibum ukiss dog’s

      • Kimi
      • August 20th, 2012

      Choco is Kibum’s and Hyungjoon’s dog. Since they’re brothers and they live together

    • luv2ne1-bj
    • July 30th, 2011

    2NE1 CL’s pet is a..porcupine!??

      • me
      • June 7th, 2012

      its an echidna.native to australia

        • Alice
        • July 16th, 2012

        im australian.. i didnt realise that you could keep echidnas as pets.. :/

      • yes echidna is a pet. How come people don’t know that? :O

    • ashbelle
    • August 4th, 2011

    kekeke…taeyang’s pet BOSS is soooo cute!
    so cute, i wanna squeeze it tight…

  1. doesn’t Wooyoung from 2PM have a pet chick called Peep?


    • KittyZack
    • August 22nd, 2011

    T-ara eunjung has a puppy too!!

  2. Cheon Doong MBLAQ has had a cat named DoongDoong before. But he gave it to a coordi noona to taken care of. Now he have the same new cat named Dadoong.

    • nad dya
    • September 9th, 2011

    jaejoong, can i adopt your tigger or leo??? they are freakin deadly cute!!! u have soo much pets already!! heheheee (-^_^-)

  3. SNSD Tiffany has a puppy too, it name is Jackson Hwang ^^

    • craziezzgirlzz
    • September 26th, 2011

    LOL..hongki’s dog’s eyes is so scary !! XD

    • msia_pilot
    • October 9th, 2011

    seriously too much choco LOL

    • ashbelle
    • November 24th, 2011

    Miss A has a pet dog, right?
    What its name?

    • kyunat
    • December 8th, 2011

    Hongki’s dog’s name is my sister’s name. I feel so sorry for my younger sister now. It’s the exact same spelling. Hahah!

    • Melsu
    • December 23rd, 2011

    well,actually junsu has 6 cats. they are leo,leon,bakira,pard,odd,and tigger.
    here is the pic

  4. Where’s Dara-Thunder pet? Dadoong?

    • Joyce the sone
    • January 21st, 2012

    SNSD Tiffany has a Doggy too….

    • min_raa
    • January 22nd, 2012

    IU has a doggy too…
    the name is Bbuggu~

    • aruna
    • January 28th, 2012

    wooyoung doesnt have chick it just a chick from cf ^^

    • A Pink Addict
    • February 5th, 2012

    A Pink’ Chorong also have 2 pets. ❤

    • Cute Espresso
    • March 3rd, 2012

    I clicked T.O.P- Charlie (1) and it shows a picture of a woman sitting near a christmas tree? xD

    • LillyH.J.S
    • March 12th, 2012

    Heeey, Hyukjae have two pets.
    Choco and Minky. If you want I have a pic of them. ^^

  5. Actually now G.NA has a dog named Cherry just want to give you an information 🙂

    • Aina Aiikyo
    • March 21st, 2012
  6. IU dOg is so cute…and DongHo dOg so cute too like he….

    • March 31st, 2012

    Dongho dog name Bobo 🙂 not PpuPpu

      • Akmalya
      • March 31st, 2012

      There’s two similar pronounciation for Dongho’s puppy. Ppu Ppu and Bbo Bbo. I’m not sure about which one is the exact, but I found out Ppu Ppu is more popular as written in Daum.

    • HeekyuKim
    • April 8th, 2012

    Heebum is the best cat ever kekeke~

    • AVHK
    • April 10th, 2012

    EXO has a doggie!! it’s Mongu!!

    • MaknaeL
    • April 12th, 2012

    Hahahah…Taeyang “BOSS” OMG!!! #SoEpic

    GOSHHH!!! TVXQ Junsu have so many pets!!! XD

    • MaknaeL
    • April 12th, 2012

    Hahaha…2pm Wooyoung Peep! XD

    “come on peep lets go” HAAHH!!!

    • MaknaeL
    • April 12th, 2012

    fx luna pet name is BAP!!! O__O OTL

    • MaknaeL
    • April 12th, 2012

    O_____O KARA Jiyong pet name is MYUNGSOO!!! O__O GOSHH!!!

    • MaknaeL
    • April 12th, 2012

    LOL!!! Mir pet name Soju!!! XD Lol! Mir does ur pet drink SOJU!!! XD

    • Sam
    • April 14th, 2012

    I love Hongki ten times more now lol I absolutely love siberian huskys! And Elisya is a red one too! Her markings are amazing! Hongki, I need to meet you so I can play with your puppy! XD

    • jessie
    • April 17th, 2012

    2PM wooyoung’s peep 🙂

    • SJ addict
    • May 8th, 2012

    where is sungmin SJ pets??
    please tell me..

  7. Just wanna tell Junsu of 2PM has a new pet, his baby gurl, Audrey =] you can check in his twitter C:

  8. can you put a picture of eli’s pet please? thank you

    • May 31st, 2012

    the awkward moment when there pets r famous than u LOL

    • Anis Syahira
    • June 5th, 2012

    EXO-K Kai : Monggu(older) & Janggu(younger)
    You should put up there too.. 🙂

    • tanelia
    • June 9th, 2012

    Can you please add snsd’s pets (if they have any) i remember seeing a white puppy in the twinkle video….

      • Real
      • June 13th, 2012

      they dont have any pet.미치겠다…~~

    • banu A
    • June 9th, 2012

    i like young hwa’s pet…

    • Real
    • June 13th, 2012

    Did they eat they pet =.=
    i hear korean people eat Doggy.^.^

    • Real
    • June 13th, 2012

    whaa…just cook it.!!,.. 나는 바보야.!!
    What the heck =.-
    make barbecue,.^^delicious!

  9. luna and her dong is sooooo swwweeet OMG!!!!

    • LoveSS501
    • June 23rd, 2012

    should include hyun joong’s dogs art and matic and kyu jong’s gold fish young saeng ahahahaahahhah

  10. so it’s settle Junsu BY FAR has the MOST pets out of all of them xD
    LOL nv expected that JK
    but he does have quite a lot of pets
    I hope he takes care of em!

    • RocketHP
    • July 4th, 2012

    Haha, Heechul and Junsu are cat-ladies. xP They’re so cute~

    • Josie
    • July 31st, 2012

    Wondergirls Sunye ..has a dog (:

    • Stephanie
    • August 5th, 2012

    EXO-K’s Kai has 2 dogs, Jjanggu and Monggu if I didn’t spell it wrong 😛

    • jojo
    • August 11th, 2012

    Why is Dongho’s do Ppu Ppu a picture of some dude? XD Or is it just me?…

    • winterchild
    • August 20th, 2012

    How about EXO’s Kai dog? Its Monggu and Jjanggu if I’m not mistaken..

  11. hello, there’s a mistake abt Mblaq Thunder pet’s name. its Dadong not Doodoong. btw, lately Mir is having snake as a pet and G.O is keeping alligator and lizard. just FYI :))

    • kpoplover
    • September 9th, 2012

    DongWoo has a pet dog too . in infinite BOAF. not the ones they adopted. the one is episode10

    • Ally
    • September 14th, 2012

    you should add mblaq’s reptiles here. ㅋㅋ

  12. kai of exo k has 2 toy poodles called monggu and janggu..while kris of exo m has a bichon dog

  13. rome of c-clown has a dog named choco

  14. hwang bo has 2 dogs n 2 cats..da dogs were given 2 her by junjin of shinhwa and one of the supernova guys.. dongwoo of shinhwa has a poodle… andy of shinhwa has a dog as well..

    • Kakalovekpop
    • September 18th, 2012

    I think you missed out SuJu’s Sungmin’s pet dog/puppy Ari? Or maybe Ali, idkXD

    • Ari is just a dog for a show suju not sungmin’s dog… this show is like the go to a place where like SPCA… suju job is stay with the dog till they found a new family for Ari… this show have 2 more dogs too but 1 have passed away while fliming… ryeowook cried alot… 😦

    • LDOS
    • October 3rd, 2012

    Sorry, y Infinite does not have any pets ? Hope u reply 🙂

  15. teen top l.joe(or teen top’s) hv a dog(or maybe two) its name is ken.. a white dog. a saw him updated a selca with (his??) dog.

    • min
    • December 3rd, 2012

    why don’t you put block b??

    • Alysha
    • December 9th, 2012

    I Clicked PpuPpu(Dongho) And It Showed A Soccer Player??

    • melomelon
    • December 19th, 2012

    CL has a hedgehog as a pet, so cooool! XD

    • Amy
    • November 2nd, 2013

    Key’s Dog’s name is actually kkomde/comme des. Not coco 🙂

    • weya
    • January 12th, 2014

    what about the SNSD pets? and MISS A????? i hope you also got some info. on the, please….

    • frendz4eva
    • February 17th, 2014

    Heebum <33

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