Ships that Should Have Sailed (7/4/14)

Hello all! Welcome back to yet another session of Faceoff Friday – our second ever! – where we give you chance scenarios, and you all get to pick a winner!

Now, for all of you fellow Americans out there, we all know – or at least should – that today marks an important day in history. Today, in fact, is our Independence Day! And if it technically weren’t for the Mayflower – the ship that the pilgrims took from the old world to the new – or Christopher Columbus’ ship that brought him over from Spain, the Santa Maria, well…I don’t think I’d be here writing this today. So yes, today is about the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. earning her freedom from Great Britain, but we shan’t forget the importance of our origins, and how ships played a big role in America’s well-being today. Kinda.

So, in commemorating those mighty fine ships that touched down in America, we bring to you our very own ships that sadly, didn’t quite reach the same verdict. So with no further ado, here are five ships that maybe might have sunk like the Titanic, got hit by a cannonball like the battleship U.S.S. Arizona, or turned into a ghost ship like the famed Flying Dutchman, but most definitely did not ever set foot on shore again (yet)… and we’re sad it happened that way.


5) GTOP – G-Dragon & T.O.P (Big Bang)


There’s really only one reason why Mr. GD and T.O.P themselves are at the bottom, and that’s because it’s been way too long that those two have been together, and still we are yet to see an ending worth waiting for. At this point, we might as well as vouch for the relationships of some newer, fresher couples like Got7’s 2jae.

However, they say that time makes the heart grow fonder, and so we can’t quite give them the slip just yet.

All the way from the beginning years of their debut, to the parody remakes of Secret Garden and Coffee Prince, and up until recently with their duo album being released back in 2010, GTOP has only been pure magic in front of the screen (and probably behind it, too). I mean, only with GTOP can you intentionally (yeah all you boy groups out there…playing the pass-the-paper-game-with-your-lips and “accidentally” dropping it doesn’t always count) kiss your fellow group member twice and still live to tell the day. Props to you, guys. Props to you.

4) Ervin – Eric Nam & Kevin Woo (U-Kiss)

SuMandu12There are many reasons why these two should be together. Their dorky interactions on After School Club are beyond magical, and hands down their conversations are like breathing in a fresh air of unicorn fluff. You see them together being happy, and it makes you just want to be happy. That’s the kind of relationship this world needs more of. MORE HAPPINESS SHARING UNICORN FLUFF INDUCING RELATIONSHIPS.

And to top it all off, the two of them together in one room is just so natural. Nothing feels awkward, nor uncomfortable, nor scripted (even if it might be). It doesn’t take skill to make a connection feel right – it takes some raw lovin’.


3)  Yongseo – Yonghwa (CN Blue) & Seohyun (SNSD)


There was a time when I thought Yongseo was real. As in, really a real couple in reality. I kept on Googling articles about them to see if anyone had spilled the beans. This was literally how legit their onscreen romance made me believe that they were an actual thing. Sadly, they’re not. But what the hey, let me just tell you all right now that I would NOT be surprised at all if they admit to have been secretly dating for the past couple of years (ehem Nichkhun and Tiffany…ehem Seung Gi and Yoona). I mean, even Taeyeon is dating. SO I’M PRETTY SURE SEOHYUN IS DATING YONGHWA AND SHE IS JUST NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. But I digress.

2) Ant Couple – Seo In Young & Crown J.


If you guys can reach back all the way to 2009 and remember the first season of We Got Married, then you should be able to remember the chemistry that the Ant Couple had. However, it was difficult deciding which couple to put here in the number two spot: either the Ant Couple, or the Lettuce Couple (do you guys also remember the beautiful pairing between Alex of Clazziquai and Shin Ae). Yet, Ant Couple beat the latter, merely for the simple fact that those two were literally pulled from two different sides of the planet (literally and not literally, of course) and somehow became the perfect example of how opposites do attract. Seo In Young was such a classic ice princess, and Crown J. was the best sugar-daddy-with-a-big-heart ever. The authenticity between the two could have been made into a K-Drama, and still their love-story would beat out those of My Fair Lady and Prosecutor Princess.

Hearing that after nearly three years, they meet again and Seo In Young admits to having grown much fonder of Crown J. only makes my heart intensely crack at the thought of them never having been. Ant Couple was what happens when you take two top-notch musicians – kings and queens of their artistry – strip them of their front, and let mother nature roll its course. WGM has a tendency to create some really great pairings (Jo Kwon and Ga-In…come baaaack), yet maybe that explains why a lot of pairings never exactly turn out how we want them to – in the end, we can’t deny the truth that everything started out planned and scripted.

1) Monday Couple – Kang Gary (LeesSang) & Song Ji Hyo


If you try to type in Gary of LeesSang and Song Ji Hyo into a search bar, I bet you a million dollars that “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” will pop up as a suggestion. That is no mistake, honey. That is because this is the world’s OTP.

No, but seriously. Let’s be serious. For all of you other Running Man fans out there, we all have this common understanding that Monday Couple should exist,  needs to exist, must exist. Period. No arguing. Ever since day one, these two have been an unstoppable pair – a force to be reckoned with. Lesson be learned y’all, when you spend approximately two days a week for five years with the same guy and are constantly beckoned to pair up with him, share meals with him, overcome obstacles with him, battle against him, save him from trouble, and just about everything in the book, it’s almost already like you’re a married couple. They bring out the best  in each other; they’re both so weird it’s perfect; and their personalities behind what they normally do – which is rapping and acting – is so different, it’s unbelievable how incredible their one-on-one interactions are. Monday Couple is the epitome of a sincere, genuine, and bona fide couple…they’re just so right for each other on every level.

This is totally one ship that should have sailed by now.

And so, everyone, that’s that! I have to mention that there are a lot of shippings from a bunch of boy and girl groups alike (especially the boys though…omg EXO and VIXX, let’s not get started), and it was definitely a challenge to choose just five to put here. However, the only reason why I didn’t make this list longer is because a lot of the ships that exist currently are results of super spot-on fan service. Don’t get me wrong, I comprehend completely the possibility that some ships are so very real, but I’m going to stick with my guts on this one and limit myself to five before I explode from overload. Anyways…

 Now to reveal last week’s winner of “Groups that Should Have Been”:


This is understandable. Zico and GD are alike in many ways, yet bring their own fresh and unique style to the table. A pairing of these two would be quite an eye-catcher and a show-stopper. And Zico has every bit of  potential to rise to the top and possibly overcome GD. But I’m surprised that SYIT and RAP NATION are lower on your guys’ lists. It makes sense that KING would be on the bottom (since I’m assuming that most of you probably don’t know yet the full capabilities of all of those guys’ vocals…or I’m just waaaaay to into ballads), but SYIT was a close runner up and shot to the bottom real quick. And I guess no one else vouches for some more great rap groups like me? Lol kay. But…

Now it’s YOUR TURN to vote! Make sure to participate, and tune in next week to find out who the winner of today’s Faceoff Friday is.

Have a safe 4th of July my Americans, and everyone else…just continue to share the K-Pop love. ❤

– Jomarie (Did you notice my attempt to make the pictures red, white, and blue themed? No? Okay…)

  1. July 4th, 2014

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