Fashion Fads

Whether it be your first time encounter with the world of K-Pop, or you’re a solid veteran who is still  struggling to understand, we’ve all been to that place where we question the fashion statements of our most treasured idols. From dreadlocks and corn rows, to leather pants and fur vests — and even guyliner and man-heels — and everything in between (yes, airport fashion…this includes you), there is a common understanding among all fandoms that outrageous outfits, controversial costumes, and gaudy get-ups are simply a must-have in this industry. Yet that doesn’t mean we don’t still get confused every now and then.

Which is why we’re here to save the day.

Under “Fashion Fads”, you’ll get the chance to venture through some of the most hilarious and intriguing style choices of idols such as Yoochun, 2NE1, Zico, Amber,  Orange Caramel, and much more. Some might be pleasing, others – not so much. But hey, we love you all the same.

So, take your time to look around and get our viewpoint on how style rolls about in South Korea’s field of fashion, and remember, this is all just for giggles and laughs. As always, don’t forget to share the K-Pop love! ❤

Enjoy! (:

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